Watching a film can be an escape to another world. Most viewers do not judge by a critic’s standards of technical excellence. Instead, most of us have our standards of what touches a part of our soul and reminds us of our humanity. Great actors are able to take a role, whether good or bad, and find the essential element that connects with the audience and makes each person see a little of themselves within the role. Actors who leave a legacy are able to achieve this in any type of role. Whether the work is a comedy, drama, thriller or action film, a person cannot walk out of the film without having a small part of their lives enriched by the experience.

Jim Carrey: The Underrated Genius

With a new film about to enter into theaters many will become amateur reviewers to critique the performance of Jim Carrey. Many will always view Carrey as the man of insanity from Ace Ventura or the extreme goofball on In Living Color. Yet, those who truly appreciate his talent can see the genius of his roles in The Truman Show and Man on the Moon. Even within his comedies Carrey is able to find the aspect of the character we find within ourselves. In Liar, Liar he makes us re-evaluate our roles within our family and even in “Bruce Almighty” makes us see the importance of valuing what we have in our everyday lives.

Carrey belongs in the ranks of actors such as Robin Williams and Tom Hanks. Both Williams and Hanks started out in comedy or comedic roles and was able to connect each role to their audience. Yet, each actor is able to enter into a dramatic role and move the audience to tears or make us feel their pain and agony of their lives. William’s role in Good Will Hunting or Hanks’ role in Philadelphia are roles that made us as an audience re-evaluate the talents of these individuals. Instead of just viewing the men as comedians these roles made us view them as potentially legendary artists which they have since become. Carrey should be viewed in this light as he, like Williams and Hanks, can run his audience through the full spectrum of human emotions from uncontrollable laughter to tears of pain and loss for his character. The most important aspect is that we believe in the characters enough to feel their emotions.

The Lives We Live

The most talented artists often had difficult lives that served the purpose or as an inspiration to achieve a higher level of greatness. Art is a healer whether used as a protective measure, a means of expression, or an escape. Art allows an individual to discover the inner truths and find an audience who understands or shares the experience. Carrey’s talent is being able to take what is within himself and guide his audience through a wonderful journey. He can be larger than life or blend into the world of the everyday man. No matter what his choice in roles he is able to make us become a part of his world. In this respect he is able to make our world more enjoyable and better for the experience.

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