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You know, just like how there are good and not-so-good things about stuff, the same goes for iPhones. Having an iPhone can make you feel awesome, but it also means you cannot use some really cool apps from other users. But guess what? There is this cool helper called, and it is like a magic tool for your phone. With, you can get apps that your iPhone would not normally let you have. is a third-party app store that provides a wide range of apps and tweaks for iOS users. Here’s what you need to know about it:

What is iohelper



So, what is Well, it is like a special app store, but not the one your iPhone comes with. It is from America, and it is not just for iPhones – it is for Android phones, too. And it has got all sorts of cool stuff you can download, like Gacha Club, Faceapp, Terraria, FIFA, Pokemon Go, Cinema HD, Minecraft, and TikTok. Pretty neat, right?

How to Get Apps & Games with iohelper

Step 1: First, go to and tap on ‘Open Safely.’ and screenshot of 'Open Safely

Step 2: A new page will pop up showing you all kinds of apps and games in different groups that you can download. If you do not see the app or game you want in the ‘Featured Categories,’ do not worry. Just scroll down to find the popular apps and the latest stuff on iohelper.

Step 3: Now, choose the app you want to get and download its setup.

Step 4: Once the setup is downloaded, follow the instructions really carefully to put the app on your phone.

Step 5: After the app is all setup, go to ‘SETTINGS,’ then ‘General,’ and then ‘Profile and Device Management.’ Pick the profile name.

Step 6: Tap ‘Verify.’

Step 7: You are all done when your profile gets updated after being successfully verified. It is that easy. Features

You know that feeling when you secretly get something awesome your parents said no to? It is like that for iPhone users who want cool apps that are not in the regular App Store. has some features, and here they are:

Get Cool Apps for Free

If you have an iPhone, you can only get the apps in the App Store. However, some apps cost money there, and that can be a bummer. It might make you miss using Android sometimes. But guess what? is like a shining light in the darkness.

It lets you have those fancy apps you would normally have to pay for in the App Store, and it will not cost you a thing.

However, wait, it is not just for iPhone folks. Sometimes, the government decides to say “No!” to certain apps for different reasons. Do you remember when they banned TikTok and PubG in some places? That made many people sad because they loved those apps.

However, came to the rescue. It did not let TikTok and PubG fans stay sad for long. It is like a superhero website that helps you keep having fun with your favourite apps, even when things get tricky. So, if you ever want cool apps and games, is the place to go.

Simple Downloading & Installing

iohelper makes getting cool stuff really easy. It is different from those websites where you have to do lots of complicated stuff. Here’s how it works:

  • Click on “download,” and the thing you want will pop up on your device in just a few seconds or longer, like a few minutes.
  • Right after it’s all downloaded, you can put it on your device. All you have to do is read and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Then, you need to say “yes” to some things in the “SETTINGS.” It’s like giving the app permission to work on your device.
  • After that, you have to update your profile, and they will check it to make sure everything is okay. You can start using the app once they say it is good to go. Easy. It is a piece of cake.

It is Safe to Use

Some folks have been talking about whether is safe or not. Some say it might be a trick, while others think it’s just fine. We did our homework, and here is what we found: iohelper seems like it is probably safe.

However, to be extra careful with your stuff, we recommend not getting any apps or games from this website if your phone has really private things like personal pictures, important work stuff, or bank info on it. It’s always good to play it safe.

It is a Website, Not an App

The title “It is Not An App, It is A Website” might have made you scratch your head. However, let me explain. If it were an app, you would have to download it first before you could get any other cool stuff.

That would take up space on your phone and use up some of your data. Plus, you might worry, “Is this app safe? What if it tries to take my private data?” It is not an app at all as it is just a website. So you do not have to worry about those app troubles.

What are some other third-party app stores for iOS users?

If you are looking for alternative app stores for iOS, here are some amazing options:

  1. Tweakbox: Available for both Android and iOS users, Tweakbox offers a number of apps and games. Its user-friendly interface makes app discovery easy, and you’ll find modified and hacked versions of popular apps without needing to root or jailbreak your device.
  2. Tutu App: Another versatile third-party app store, Tutu App offer to both Android and iOS users. It provides a premium feel and offers original as well as modified versions of apps. No rooting or jailbreaking required.
  3. Aptoide: While primarily for Android, Aptoide can also replace official app stores for iOS. It features exclusive third-party apps, supports paid and free applications, and occasionally offers discounts on premium apps.
  4. Appland: Targeting international markets, Appland is responsive and easy to visit. It has countries like the USA, Egypt, Mexico, Iran, and more.


Iohelper is a good service for both iPhone and Android users. It lets you get awesome apps for free that you would usually have to pay for. And the best part? It is really easy to download and put them on your phone, all while making sure you stay safe and secure.

Some Questions

What is iohelper?

iohelper is a website that helps you download cool apps and games for your phone.

Is iohelper safe to use?

It is generally safe, but be cautious if your phone has super private stuff on it.

Can I get apps for free with iohelper?

Yes, you can! It is a way to get paid apps without spending any money.

Do I need to download iohelper as an app?

No, you don’t! It’s a website, not an app itself.

Is it easy to download and install apps from iohelper?

Yep, it’s quite easy! Just follow the instructions carefully.

Does iohelper work on both iPhones and Android phones?

Yes, it does! It’s for both kinds of phones.

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