Lava Eel Stardew

Fishing is a highly profitable activity in Lava Eel Stardew Valley and catching the rare Lava Eel in Stardew can help players earn a heavy sum. You have taken over your grandfather’s old plot in that valley where there are coins and second-hand tools. Therefore, players must build the land by fishing, farming and mining to earn heavy sums. Fishing is highly profitable but almost wholly dependent on the type of fish caught. 

Lava Eel Stardew Valley is the most non-legendary, valuable, and challenging fish. When catching the Lava Eel, the difficulty level is both twitchy and unpredictable.

How to catch Lava Eel Stardew?

Here are some points you may consider if you want to know catch Lava Eel Stardew:


Lava Eel of Stardew doesn’t aquatic, just like all the other fishes. Instead, they are only found on the Volcano Caldera and on Level 100 of mines on Ginger Island. So, the players have to go all the way through the volcano and mines to find that pool from where Lava Eels can be caught. It is the only fish that can yield in lava. So, pals, get your sword and digging tool if the 100th floor is still locked.

The chances of catching these eels in the mines depend on the fishing area of the spot fished. This curiosity in players will increase the chances of catching them by 4%. The chances of catching them at the Volcano Caldera are equal to 10 times the fishing area of the fished spot.

This will give players plenty of time so that they can acquire tackle, bait and Iridium. Players will likely miss the Dungeon but can easily catch them in the Volcano Caldera. This curiosity is beneficial when going for Lava Eels as it will increase the chances of catching some.

Weather, time and season considerations

In Stardew Valley, unlike all the other fishes, Lava eel can be captured in any weather, at any time and during any season.

Location Volcano Caldera or Level 100 of the mines
Weather Any 
Season Any 
Time of dayAny 

What to do with those Lava Eel Stardew?

Lava eels Stardew is most valuable, unlike other fishes and it will be wasted if used in the recipes like Sashimi, Maki Roll, Quality Fertiliser, etc. Therefore, it is used in Fish Pond or sold directly. Eels in the pond will reproduce every five days. Initially, the capacity of the fish pond is one fish, but after completing four quests, the power can be increased up to 10.

Know More About Fish Pond

After the completion of the first quest, the pond water colour will be replaced with red and it will produce Roe (the primary output) regularly. There will also be a chance of producing Magma Geodes (yield minerals when opened), Gold Ore and Spicy Eels (consumable that provides temporary bonuses).

Villagers of Stardew Valley actively hate or dislike when someone gives them these eels as a gift. That is why the only uses of Stardew Valley Eels are either Master Fisher’s bundle (which can only be accomplished at the fish tank of the community centre) or tailoring, where you can use these eels for making pink logo caps for your avatar.

You have to bring an eel and a cloth to the house and use the machine to create it.


Lava Eel Stardew requires careful planning, persistence and skills further adding depth and excitement to the experience of the gameplay. Catching Eels in Stardew Valley is an accomplishment that brings pride to all the players. It further encourages all the players to improve their fishing tactics and skills and explore new areas.

Some Questions

Should I sell eel stardew?

Yes, you can. Eels sell for 85g at base prices. But if you place it in a fish pond, you can harvest Eel Roe, which can be sold for 72g but can further increase to 144g.

What is the rarest stardew valley item?

Galaxy Sword, Prismatic Shard, Dinosaur egg, living hat and magic rock candy.

What do you do with the Lava Eel stardew?

Lava eels Stardew is most valuable unlike other fishes and will be wasted if used in the recipes like Sashimi, Maki Roll, Quality Fertiliser, etc. Therefore, it is used in Fish Pond or sold directly. 

What is the rarest fish stardew?

Legend is the most expensive and rarest fish. If you can sell it off, you can receive a maximum of 15.000g, making it the most costly.

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