How To Beat Pokemon GO Leader Cliff?

Ready to take on Cliff in Pokémon Go? Here’s how you can conquer the Gym Leader and become victorious. As you hone your skills to become a legendary Pokemon master, face off against Team Go Rocket Leaders and earn amazing rewards along the way.

Currently, as the pokemon go, he uses Bulbasaur. Moreover, you can fight/battle with one of given leader cliff Pokémon:


ROUND 1: Pokemon Go Leader Cliff

  • BULBASAUR COUNTERS: Flying, Fire, Ice, and Psychic-type Pokemon and  Moves.
Attack Deoxys Dark Pulse/ Zen Headbutt 
Unbound HoopaPsychic  / Confusion 
DarmanitanPsychic/ Fire Fang
EspeonPsychic/ Confusion
MewtwoPsystrike/ Psycho Cut

ROUND 2: Pokemon Go Leader Cliff

  • VENUSAUR COUNTERS: Fire, Ice, Flying, Psychic-type Pokemon and Moves
MewtwoPsystrike/ Psycho Cut
Unbound HoopaPsychic  / Confusion 
Darmanitan Psychic/ Fire Fang
EspeonPsychic/ Confusion
Attack DeoxysDark Pulse/ Zen Headbutt 
  • CROBAT COUNTERS: Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Rock-type Moves and Pokemon.
XurkitreeDischarge/ Thunder Shock
Unbound HoopaPsychic/ Confusion
Attack DeoxysZap Cannon/ Zen Headbutt
AlakazamPsychic/ Confusion
  • OMASTAR COUNTERS: Electric, Grass, Fighting, Ground-type Moves and Pokemon.
TangrowthSolar Beam/ Vine Whip
RoseradeLeaf Storm/ Bullet Seed
Alola ExeggutorSolar Beam/ Bullet Seed
ZarudePower Whip/ Vine Whip
SceptileFrenzy Plant/ Bullet Seed

ROUND 3: Pokemon Go Leader Cliff

  • TYRANITAR COUNTERS: Bug, Fighting, Pokemon, Fairy, Steel, Grass, Water-type, Ground.
MachampDynamic Punch/ Karate Chop
LucarioAura Sphere/ Counter
ConkeldurrDynamic Punch/ Counter
Blaziken Focus Blast/ Counter
Pirouette MeloettaClose Combat/Low Kick
  • TORTERRA COUNTERS: Bug, Flying, Fire, and Ice-type Pokemon and Moves.
WeavileAvalanche/ Ice Shard
Galarian Standard DarmanitanIce Punch/ Ice Fang
GlaceonAvalanche/ Frost Breath
MamoswineAvalanche/ Powder Snow
JynxAvalanche/ Frost Breath
  • SWAMPERT COUNTERS: Pokemon Grass-type Moves.
SceptileFrenzy Plant/ Bullet Seed
RoseradeGrass Know/ Razor Leaf
ZarudePower Whip/ Vine Whip
Alola ExeggutorSolar Beam/ Bullet Seed
TangwrowthSolar Beam/ Vine Whip
  • Arlo Counters: Pokemon Go(Updated)
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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does leader Cliff give you in Pokemon go?

Out of three pokemon, cliff send his second pokemon: Pinsir, Amoonguss, or Crobat Cliff draws his second Pokemon will be the pool for which from.

How do you get leader Cliff to show up?

Equip your Rocket Radar, collected when you defeat six Mysterious Components and get ready to take on Cliff! Your mission awaits. If you want to find the legendary leader Cliff, then be sure to explore your region in Pokemon Go – he’s awaiting discovery. With a little searching and some luck, you’ll soon come across him leading his team.


Are you ready to become a Pokemon master? Tackle the challenge of beating Cliff in “Pokemon GO” and take your title. Follow the steps given above to beat leader cliff Pokemon Go. Got questions about Cliff in Pokemon Go? Looking for advice or information on the topic? Drop your queries below – we’d love to help.