If the mother has a favorite passtime or hobby, she might really appreciate a gift related to it. For example, if there’s something that she enjoys collecting, get her something to add to her collection. If she enjoys an activity such as bowling, get her a gift certificate for some games.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift for a New Mom

A special gift idea for a first time mom is a personalized photo plate. If possible, try to find out the mom’s favorite picture of her baby, then use that picture to have a photo plate created. Be sure to find out how long it takes for the plate to be made so it will be ready on time for Mother’s Day.

Cheap Mother’s Day Gift

Not everyone can afford to buy a Mother’s Day gift, Instead, give a gift from the heart. One idea is to write a Mother’s Day poem that reflects how special she is as a mom. Another idea is to make a Mother’s Day coupon book.

Coupons could include breakfast in bed, a full nights sleep, (meaning the person who gives the coupon book will get up during the night to feed the baby and change its diapers,) a day of laundry duty, and bring home a pizza night.

As a new mom adjusts to a different lifestyle, Mother’s Day is a wonderful day in which to let her know how much all of her hard work is appreciated. It’s also a great opportunity to spoil her for a day including getting her just the right gift.