It is high time to take care of your dad’s health and Father’s Day is the perfect reminder to do so. Experts say simple lifestyle changes can alleviate health issues and it is urged to start the conversation. Speak to him about his health concerns.

Workout buddy

Regardless of the dad’s age, the kids can become his workout buddy. If not, they can be involved in his routine.

If the kids are toddlers, the dad can run by pushing the stroller to the playground and stop there for the mid-workout of the kids.

Enough sleep

Children should take care of enough sleeping of the dad. At least six to seven hours of sleep is required per day as less sleep means rise of health problems. Testosterone is made with good sleep and so ask your dad not to break the habit of six to seven hours of sleep.

‘Me time’ each day

Healthy activities are necessary in life and ask your dad to allot at least 30 minutes of time a day for his activities including nap, reading and trip to sports bar.

Health milestones

In each decade of life people should look at certain health markers and children should help while keeping track of those like in the 30s the blood pressure and cholesterol level checks are necessary and in the 50s one should not forget to get a colonoscopy and screened for prostate cancer.