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Find the words in the song ‘Family Ties‘ by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar. It is a rap song where they talk about family, being famous, and leaving a mark on the future.

Family Ties Lyrics Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar

Jump in that (huh, huh) summon that bitch
Jump in that (huh, huh) jump in that fire (huh)
Jump in that bitch, hittin’ that fire
Jump in that whip, thumbin’ that bitch
Cum in that bitch (ho), drummin’ that (huh, huh)
Drummin’ that bitch

Choppa doin’ circles, it’s a Bird, Bird
Take him to the party, he’s a nerd (pop out)
I seen niggas hittin’ corners in the motherfuckin’ ‘burbs, huh (pop out)
Done politickin’ with the competition, what’s the word? (Yeah)
Put that on my mama, nigga, eight in the process
Nigga tryna tippy-toe through the progress
Tongue-tied when the truth is an object
What’s the pros and the cons of this next check?

Wasn’t nobody ’round, I was independent
In the ’90s, sittin’ bum with the windows tinted
Heard a bum got a strap in the party
Who the fuck let this- in the party?
Beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up, beat ’em up
I was seein’ double in the projects
Mad at myself when I put it to the side
Mama had to cater for the coupe
That we rode after school on the way to Popeyes
And niggas wanna play both sides
It’s a red dot, don’t get on the wrong red eye
It’s a headshot, Damien Kane, woo them guys
Fuck around and bury two of them guys
I’m OD in Paris, I’m OD in France
I thought that I told you, I need the advance
Put down your IG and look through my lens
A million to grandma, who did I offend?
The girl of your dreams to me is a fan
I netted ten million and did a lil’ dance
I’m fuckin’ the world, I unzip my pants
My uncle G told me that I had a chance
So then I popped out and did it again
And did it again, and did it again
I cannot respect them, where did he begin?
Advice from the council, let nobody in
Been swervin’ through rumors, avoidin’ the trends
And duckin’ the hoes, I’m duckin’ the loonies that come with the shows
I’m grateful to Man-Man, he opened up doors
A bunk on the tour bus to come and compose
I reach to the stars on my tippy toes
This greatest success where most niggas fold
I tell you my past, that shit don’t get old
But how could you ask, like I don’t be writin’ my raps
These critics got everyone tapped
You gotta relax, the city where nobody sleep
Just tap in and ask where I’m at, ho

Smoking on your top five tonight, tonight
Yeah, I’m smokin’ on your, what’s her name, tonight, tonight
Smokin’ on you, shores, ain’t two-nine, yeah, two

I am the omega, pgLang, Rollie gang, SIE
Don’t you address me unless it’s with four letters
I thought you’d known better
I been duckin’ the pandemic, I been- social gimmicks
I been duckin’ the overnight activists, yeah
I’m not a trending topic, I’m a-
“Hold on, y’all niggas playin’ with me, man”

I am the omega, pgLang, Rollie gang, SIE
Don’t you address me unless it’s with four letters
Bitch, I thought you’d known better
I been duckin’ the pandemic, I been duckin’ the social gimmicks
I been duckin’ the overnight activists, yeah
I’m not a trending topic, I’m a prophet
I answer to Metatron and Gabriel
Bitch, looking for a better me
I am a legacy, I come from the seventy
The Al Green offspring, guns and the melody
The big shot, wrist on cryotherapy
Soon as I press that button
Nigga better get right like the ambulance’s comin’
Us two on a light, Keem been through nothin’
Dave Free, got at least one B in the oven
I’m trippin’, I’m juggin’, my mental is amazing, brother
Pop off, only on occasions, brother
Rich nigga, mama know I made it, brother
Go figure, never caught cases, brother
Face it, brother, gracious brother
New flows comin’, be patient, brother
Show my ass and take y’all to class
I can multitask like Megan, brother
2021, I ain’t takin’ no prisoner
Last year, y’all fucked up all the listener
Who went platinum? I call that a visitor
Who the fuck backin’ them? All been falsified
The fact means this a vaccine, and the game need me to survive
The Elohim, the rebirth
Before you get to the Father, you gotta holla at me first, bitch
Smokin’ on top fives
Motherfuck that album, fuck that single
Burn that hard drive (burn that shit)
Ain’t nobody safe when I come up killin’
Everybody that’s outside (who you with?)
Yeah, Kanye changed his life
But me, I’m still an old school Gemini (lil’ bitch)
Let me jump in this bitch

Let me jump in this bitch
Two phones, but I only bring one in this bitch
One daughter, but they all my sons in this bitch
No hoes, ain’t shit gettin’ done in this bitch
I’m scary, I got a gun in this bitch
Smokin’ on top fives
Stop playin’, I’m that guy
Number two DMing my bitch
That’s cool, I don’t ask why

Meaning Of Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Family Ties’ Lyrics

  • Confidence and Swagger: Both Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem show they are sure of themselves in their verses. They use cool phrases like “Smokin’ on top fives,” “Jump in that,” and “I am that guy” to show they are great at rapping.
  • Success and Achievements: Kendrick Lamar talks about how he has done well and achieved a lot. He mentions how much money he has, how he has made a big impact in the rap world, and how he is at the top of his game. He also talks about being part of the pgLang creative group.
  • Social Commentary: Kendrick Lamar talks about important issues in society, like the COVID-19 pandemic and people suddenly becoming activists. He is annoyed by trends that do not really mean anything and wants to be a real force for change.
  • Legacy and Who They Are: Both artists talk about what they will leave behind in the music world. Kendrick Lamar mentions his roots and family connections, while Baby Keem talks about his journey in music and how he wants to make a big impact.
  • Competition: They hint at competition in the rap world, but they are not worried about it. Kendrick Lamar does not care about dissing his rivals; he knows he is one of the best rappers.
  • Personal Growth: Kendrick Lamar talks about how he is grown and changed as an artist and as a person. He also mentions that he can handle criticism and tough times.
  • Ego and Pride: Both artists have a lot of ego and pride in their skills and what they have achieved. They are confident and not shy about it.
  • References and Playing with Words: The lyrics have clever wordplay and references to other artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Kanye West. Kendrick Lamar uses word tricks and comparisons in his verse.

Facts About Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Family Ties’ Lyrics

  • Fast Car Fun: In the lyrics, they talk about getting into a car and driving fast, enjoying the thrill and energy of it.
  • Party Trouble: They mention someone causing problems at a party, which leads to a fight.
  • Regrets About Missed Chances: The lyrics express feeling sorry for not going after opportunities earlier in life.
  • Fast Food Memory: They recall a childhood memory of going to a restaurant with a member of the family.
  • Avoiding Drama: The lyrics show a desire to stay away from conflicts and problems.
  • Kendrick’s Success: Kendrick Lamar talks about how he became successful through dedication and hard work.
  • Big in Music: He says he is really important and influential in the music world.
  • Balancing Act: Kendrick talks about being a father and how it is tough to juggle his family life and career.
  • Respected Rapper: He mentions that he is well-respected in the rap game and does not need others to praise him.
  • Confident Kendrick: Kendrick Lamar ends by saying he does not care what others think, and he is sure he is good at what he does.

Who is Baby Keem

Baby Keem is a young rapper and songwriter, and his real name is Hykeem Jamaal Carter Jr. He was born on October 22, 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is part of a new generation of musicians who are changing hip-hop.

What is special about Baby Keem’s music is that he can mix different styles and sounds in his songs. He combines trap, rap, and experimental music to make his music unique and interesting. Because of this, people who like all kinds of music enjoy his songs.

Baby Keem became famous with his mixtape “Die for My Bitch” in 2019. People loved it because he is good with words and very creative. Songs like “Moshpit” and “Orange Soda” became really popular among young people, and Baby Keem became a big deal in the music world.

Baby Keem Career

Baby Keem is a famous American rapper and musicmaker. His real name is Hykeem Jamaal Carter Jr.

He became really popular in 2018 with his song “Orange Soda.” What is cool is that even Barack Obama put this song on his summer playlist in 2019!

Baby Keem has made two albums: “The Sound of Bad Habit” in 2021 and “Die for My Bitch” in 2020. He is not just a singer; he is also good at writing songs and making music. He is helped with songs Lamar’s “Black Panther on his cousin Kendrick: The Album, Schoolboy Q’s “Crash Talk” and ” Jay Rock’s “Redemption.” He even worked on a song called “Nile” for Disney’s “The Lion King: The Gift” soundtrack.

Baby Keem has won some big awards, like the 2022 BET Award for Video of the Year and 2022 Grammy Award for Best Rap Perfomance.

You can find more about his music and lyrics on a website called “Fresherslive.” They keep you updated with song lyrics and deep thoughts about music so you can enjoy your favourite songs even more.

Who is Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a very important person in the world of hip-hop. He was born on June 17, 1987, in Compton, California. He is known for his lyrics that make you think, his creative way of telling stories, and his messages about society. His impact on music and beyond is really big.

One special thing about Kendrick Lamar is how he uses his music to talk about difficult issues in society. He makes albums that tell stories about things like racism, violence, and what it is like to be African-American in America. Albums like “good kid, m.A.A.d city” and “To Pimp a Butterfly” are examples of his storytelling skills. People really like these albums, and they think he is very smart for talking about these important topics.

Kendrick Lamar is also famous for his amazing use of words in his songs. He uses clever wordplay and comparisons that make his songs deep and interesting. People even compare him to famous writers because of how he writes his raps. He is like a modern-day poet in the world of hip-hop.

Kendrick Lamar Career

Kendrick Lamar started making music when he was just 16 years old, back in 2003. He made a mixtape called “Youngest Head Nigga in Charge” under the name K.Dot, and people in his area started to notice his talent.

In 2004, he signed with Top Dog Entertainment, a music company. He kept making mixtapes and also appeared on songs by other rappers.

Kendrick Lamar made some really important albums like “good kid, m.A.A.d City” in 2012, “To Pimp a Butterfly” in 2015, and “DAMN.”

People loved these albums, and they did well in terms of sales and getting praised by critics. “To Pimp a Butterfly” even won a Grammy award for Best Rap Album and was nominated for Album of the Year. “DAMN” also got him a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy, which is a really big honor.

Kendrick Lamar even performed at the Super Bowl halftime show with other famous hip-hop artists, showing how important he is in the music world.

He also made the official music for the movie “Black Panther,” which added to his reputation as a very talented and influential artist in music and culture.

Some FAQs

Is Baby Keem related to Kendrick Lamar?

Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar are cousins. They both worked together on the song “Family Ties,” which came out on August 27, 2021.

Who is on the cover of the “Family Ties” song?

The cover of the song has both Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem. Kendrick is on the far right, and Baby Keem is at the bottom left without any censoring.

Who wrote the song “Family Ties”?

The song “Family Ties” by Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar was written by a group of people, including Cardo, Jasper Harris, Roselilah, Deats, Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar, Outtatown, and Frankie Bash.

Is Kendrick Lamar connected to the Kardashians?

There have been some rumours that Kendrick Lamar might have had a short relationship with Khloe Kardashian, who likes hip-hop and rap music. However, there is no solid proof that Kendrick Lamar dated anyone from the Kardashian family.

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