How To Get Lightning Spear Elden Ring?

The main protagonist of Elden Ring is the player character, who can progress through the story as either a fighter, ranger, or mage. As a fighter, players can use melee attacks and combos; as a ranger, players can use bows and arrows to damage enemies from afar or initiate melee combat; as a mage, they can use spells. In addition to these three playable classes, generic, neutral characters have their own set of skills and abilities. Many people wonder how to get lightning spear Elden ring, let’s discuss the answer to this question.

Elden Ring: Lightning Spear Incantation, All Details!

Lightning Spear is an Elden Ring Incantation that summons a lightning missile that can be thrown forward. When you cast it, you will summon a thunderbolt that moves forward and detonates into an explosion on impact. Elden Ring’s magic, split between Sorcery and Incantation, is one of the game’s most essential features. Incantations and Sorcery have differences beyond the class, but we will focus on Incantation for most of the article. Incantation is a spell-casting system that Elden Ring uses. The question how to get lightning spear Elden ring arises in the mind of many players.

Incantations are divided into two categories: sorceries and Incantations. Sorceries consist of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and other forms of damage. The difference with sorceries is that they are all one-target spells and can be cast while moving or standing still, unlike Incantation, which must be cast from a stationary position. Lightning Spear, an Incantation in Elden Ring, is one of those spells. When casting Lightning Spear, you will throw a lightning bolt forward that explodes after reaching its destination. You can direct the spell in any way you like, and it will continue to move forward until it reaches its destination or is blocked by an obstacle. Lightning Spear has a maximum range of about 30m, but the spell can be cast from further distances. The Incantation Lightning Spear is relatively slow but does not require a target and does not need to be aimed directly at the enemy’s position when casting.

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When using a Lightning Spear, it will do 15% damage per second. It has a fast casting time of 0.3 seconds, and its cast time is 1.0 seconds after the spell is fully charged. You can recharge Lightning Spear in the same way that you automatically cast Fireball, Ice blast, etc., which has a charge time of 1 second and incantations with higher charges vary depending on the Incantation power.

In Elden Ring, Lightning Spear is used in many situations to damage the enemy you have targeted or to tag enemies without actually killing them. For example, you will use Lightning Spear to attack enemies who are far away from you but are tagging you; these enemies will often try to run away from you by running due to an instinctive fear of lightning. However, to use this Lighting spell, you must have 17 faith.


To find the Gold Dragon Cult knight, you will have to visit a location east of Liurnia between the Carian Study Hall and the Artist Shack wandering around a group of wolves. Near this place, you will find a site named lost grace, where you can easily find the Gold Dragon Cult Knight.

The Gold Dragon Cult can defeat with one-shot attacks, as the attacks are very hard-hitting. Therefore, to defeat him, you have to attack him at the back in a very sneaky way, and you should not intensify the power of your attack.

Golden Cult Prayerbook!

You are allowed to give the prayer book to any possible incantation merchants, one of them including Miriel Pastor of Vows, who will further trade the newly learned incantations similar to any other possible prayerbook.

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The story of Elden ring is written by George R. Martin and features “Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain” as a musical theme. As they progress through the story, players encounter the Bosses, Elden Ring’s equivalent of Soul’s enemies. Players have different ways of confronting these enemies; for instance, they can fight them head-on or run past them without engaging them. Other enemy types include human NPCs who will attack the player if provoked. In Elden Ring, you can loot items from enemies and NPCs and collect armor to improve your character’s defense.

The game features several gameplay elements that wouldn’t be seen in a conventional action RPG: the ability to manipulate time to slow down or speed up the world and events and parry a certain amount of attacks during combat. As players progress through the game, they will find new allies that can help them in combat. In addition, there are various ways in which they can approach combat: stealth attacks, breaking into rooms with their weapons drawn and attacking enemies from close range, or engaging enemies with melee attacks from a distance.

Bosses in Elden Ring feature different characteristics, such as having immunity to certain types of weapons and introducing new enemies such as Phantoms. These invisible enemies teleport and will relentlessly pursue their prey. The game allows players to roam the open world of Elden Ring freely.

In addition to the main story, side quests are available for the player to undertake. These side quests consist of points that players can earn by carrying out main story quests; completing them will grant points that will translate into new abilities or equipment. This ability to upgrade your character is how players can approach combat.

The above-listed portion describes the answer to the question how to get lightning spear elden ring.