Emma Selling Sunset cast has successfully sold Harry Styles' house in Los Angeles - Tech Preview

Emma Selling Sunset Season 6 cast, has told everyone that she sold Harry Styles’ house in California. It’s a surprise that a show about real estate would have a connection to popular music!

Harry Styles, who has won a Grammy Award, now has his house mentioned in Emma Hernan’s list of properties she has sold.

Emma Hernan, who is on reality TV, has finished the deal for Harry’s house in Hollywood Hills. She got $6.7 million for it. That’s going to earn her a nice commission.

In a recent interview, Emma Hernan talked about the house and officially confirmed that it has been sold.

Did Emma Selling Sunset cast sell Harry Styles’ home?

On August 17, Emma Hernan talked to PEOPLE magazine about selling Harry’s house.

She said, “This special, one-of-a-kind home just above the Sunset Strip is moving on to its exciting next part,” the message said. “I am really happy to complete the sale of this truly amazing property, as it’s a very rare find in the famous Hollywood Hills!”

Maybe in the next season of the show, which comes back on Netflix in October, we might see the singer from the group One Direction. Let’s wait and see!

Although Styles wasn’t on Season 6 of the show, his house was shown in one of the episodes. Emma Selling Sunset Season 6 cast even told us that he left some things behind when he moved out of the house.

“He left a bunch—like, many pairs of shoes. They were heels, I guess. I think they’re not here anymore, but I might need to (search for them),” she mentioned during the episode. As of now, she hasn’t given any details about what happened to his shoes.

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