Corey Mylchreest: How Tall Is He, How Old Is He, and Where Have You Spotted the Actor- Tech Preview

Learn About the Actor Who Plays Young King George in Queen Charlotte:

Want to learn about Corey Mylchreest?

He plays young King George in Bridgerton. If you’ve seen Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, you might have a crush on him. Corey Mylchreest is the actor who plays King George, and people seem to really like his acting. Let’s find out more about Corey, like how old he is, how tall he is, and what other roles he’s had.

How old is Corey Mylchreest? 

Corey Mylchreest was born in 1998, so he’s about 25 years old. We don’t know his exact birthday, but his friend Freddie Dennis wished him a “happy birthday weekend” on Instagram on May 8th.

What star sign is Corey Mylchreest? 

Corey Mylchreest was born in the beginning of May, so his star sign is Taurus. You can find out if you’re a good match with him based on your star signs!

How tall is Corey Mylchreest? 

Corey Mylchreest’s RADA profile says he’s about 6 feet tall. That’s approximately 1.82 meters if you’re curious about the metric measurement.

Where is Corey Mylchreest from? Is he British?

Corey Mylchreest is indeed a British actor. He lived in England while growing up, but we don’t know the specific place. Corey finished his Acting degree at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2020.

What TV shows and movies has Corey Mylchreest acted in?

Corey Mylchreest is relatively new to acting, so his main breakthrough role is in Queen Charlotte. He had a short appearance in one episode of Netflix’s The Sandman. It’s quite impressive that he graduated from drama school in 2020 and then got a leading role in a Shonda Rhimes Netflix series in less than three years.

Corey Mylchreest acts as the young King George in Queen Charlotte

A Bridgerton Story. This series tells a made-up love story about Queen Charlotte and King George. India Amarteifio is his co-star. Corey shared with Esquire Philippines that it was fantastic to portray this character, who he thinks hasn’t been understood and shown accurately in history.

Corey Mylchreest acted in Netflix’s The Sandman as Adonis. 

If you’re a fan of the show, you might remember him from the first episode. Corey found it funny that his mom thought he did a great job with his two lines in the show.

Who is Corey Mylchreest in a relationship with? Does he have a girlfriend?

Corey Mylchreest doesn’t share a lot about his personal life on his Instagram. However, he did mention in an interview with Extra that he has a girlfriend. When he got the role in Bridgerton, he and his girlfriend watched the show together to catch up. We don’t know her name, though.

Corey Mylchreest and his friend Freddie Dennis, who acts as King 

George’s butler Reynolds, are roommates in real life! They became close pals while working on Queen Charlotte and decided to share a home after the filming was done.

Can you find Corey Mylchreest on Instagram?

Yes, Corey Mylchreest has an Instagram account. However, if you want to see lots of his old posts, you won’t find many. He created his Instagram when he got the role of King George in Queen Charlotte, and he has only posted a few times.

Most of his posts are pictures from events and his time on the show. When Queen Charlotte was released, he had 55,000 followers. That number will likely go up a lot as more people become fans of his acting.

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