Levi Skin Warzone!

Levi Skin Warzone!

Leakes like Nanikos have found something very interesting in call of duty: warzone. They found there is a new event coming up, a collaboration with Attack on Titans and it will add a Levi Skin warzone in the store for people to buy. This can be predicted because of a leaked skin, an Armored Titan skin. 

Levi Skin

Levi skin warzone was in the warzone store last week and it had a lot of criticism in design. Players were not at all happy with the design and the only way to access the skin, was through the Daniel Yatsu operator. Call of duty tries to keep its theme of realism in many cases and they did try it in the Anime skins. That only made the fans of the anime and cod more unhappy with the design.

Players are hoping that developers should either fix the skin and make it more like Levi’s or make it accessible through different operators to make it look better so people can use it. In comparison with Titan skin, is easy to manage, as Titans are coved with muscles and open skin. In Attack on Titan, Levi is one of the popular characters and according to serve in Japan, Levi is the most popular character in the whole anime genre as of now. They might do some fixes but the promotion of the new season is done and it serves its purpose of people talking about the anime. 

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Armoured Titan Leak

Cosmetics and skins are part of the call of duty and it is known for bringing great skins for operators and guns. 

Last year one of the data miners of call of duty named Nanikos found a file in the game’s code those codes gave direction towards Attack on Titan skins making their appearance in cod: vanguard. At this point whoever watches Anime or does even not know something about Attack on Titans. The idea of bringing one of the beloved series to COD and letting players play with their favourite character seems like a great idea. The package itself is downloadable and it feels like there will be more than skins for players to Play with 

There is no official confirmation as of yet and that’s fair, developers do not want players to know about the content they are bringing, then there is no mystery. With the delay of season 2 because of all bugs and glitches that the game is facing, developers will most likely let the mystery be a mystery. For players, they are just hoping that this crossover will bring something more and not disappoint players like last time. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- Is there a Levi skin Warzone?

Ans. Yes, call of duty has released a Levi skin from the attack on Titan in a warzone. Call of duty had a crossover event with Attack on Titan and it brought us skins from the attack on Titan. 

Q- How do you get Levi’s skin?

Ans. You can check your warzone store or call of duty: vanguard store in-game. You can go to the bundle section and you will find Levi’s bundle in the store. You can buy that bundle and play as Levi. 


Nanikos, a respectable data miner in the call of duty community had leaked last year about the call of duty and attack on Titan cross over and it brought us Levi skin warzone. Call of duty aims for realism and it leads to Levi’s skin coming out not as Levi’s. Players were not happy with the product and saw their favorite character not as they imagined. There is a Titian skin coming, so it might change the mood of players.