Binge Eating Disorder Signs And Treatment (Part I)

Binge eating disorder signs

It has been seen binge eating disorder patients are well aware of their condition. One of the primary signs are sudden intake of a large amount of food, usually inexpensive like noodles and bread, in the gap of every hour. Such people are also unable to stop themselves from further eating even after being full.

Binge eating disorder treatment

Usually people suffering from binge eating disorder do not seek for treatment, but those who would consult to a doctor need to undergo several months of treatment to come out from the disorder. During the initial stage the treatment focus on making the patient stop from further eatign even after being full. Next to it, the aim should be to reduce the weight and thereafter to maintain the existing weight.

Bottom line

It is highly suggested not to eat in every one hour and also try to stop yourself from further eating after being full.

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