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Currently, there is a large number of video game consoles in the market. In the gaming community, some big players regularly compete and divide gamers all over the world. The “big three” include companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. There is no absolute winner of the best video game console from the different gaming consoles offered by these conglomerates.

There are different categories through which one can compare these consoles to conclude one as the best gaming console. For instance, in our opinion, the best graphics console is the Xbox One X, while the PlayStation 4 Pro has the best exclusives.

When comparing different video game consoles in the market right now, we would say the Nintendo Switch is the best video gaming console, if you are not focusing on specifics.

Nevertheless, we have provided the best gaming consoles as per different categories down below, along with the explanation regarding our pick, the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch: Best Video Game Console Overall

nintendo switch
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The reason why we speak so highly of the classic Nintendo Switch is the delivery of both function and form effectively by this video game console. Yes, the Nintendo Switch is nowhere near as powerful as some of its peers, but it is powerful enough to play some of the best AAA games today.

You can also enjoy playing games like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim on the same machine on which you could play Super Mario and Pokémon.

One of the main reasons why the Nintendo Switch is so popular is the convenience. Players are no longer required to stick to their television sets to enjoy gaming. The handheld Nintendo Switch is the best video game console for gaming on the go, as it is compact, portable, and lightweight.

The only valid drawbacks linked to the Nintendo Switch are its online gaming capabilities and its internal storage. The online gaming potential of this console is nowhere close to being in the same league as that of PlayStation or Xbox.

Xbox One X (Gears 5 Bundle): Best Graphics

xbox one x
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There is no other video gaming console in this list that is better than the Xbox One X when it comes to the Gaming Graphics. This video gaming console is unarguably the most powerful one in the list. It has a massive six teraflops, which makes your games run flawlessly and fast along with looking the best.

Xbox One X doesn’t always provide 60FPS and 4K resolution simultaneously, but there are a lot of games that offer the option to choose either. Apart from the power it packs, you will also get access to Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft with this purchase.

When a video game console offers this much power and features, it must not come as a surprise that it is slightly more expensive than other consoles. Moreover, the number of exclusives in the Xbox One X is limited.

PlayStation takes the cake in this regard as it ties up with large gaming franchises like the Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, and Horizon Zero Dawn. In the Xbox One X’s defense, the console does provide Xbox One backward compatibility, while the PlayStation does not have this feature.

PlayStation 4 Pro: Best Exclusive

playstation 4 pro
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Sony is not new to the video game consoles industry. It has its flagship PlayStation range of video game consoles with wide popularity that stretches all over the world.

As mentioned in the previous section, if you are a sucker for popular and new games and you always want to get your hands on such games before anyone else, then the Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming PlayStation 5 must be your ultimate choice.

PlayStation 4 Pro supports VR gaming, which makes it the first and only video game console range to support Virtual Reality. Moreover, it can also offer immersive performance and graphics, including occasional 60FPS and 4K gameplay.

That being said, it is worth mentioning that this console cannot compete with the Xbox One X when it comes to power offered. Also, it neither currently has any backward compatibility like Xbox One X nor it has a service as offering as the Xbox Game Pass.

To compensate for all of the shortcomings mentioned above, the PlayStation 4 Pro is cheaper than Xbox One X.

Xbox One S: Best Value for Money

xbox one S
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The Xbox One S is a direct update to the original Xbox One that was heavily criticized for being underpowered, heavy, and bulky. The Xbox One S has addressed all of these negatives. The design is much more sleek and welcoming.

It provides excellent performance and graphics along with the infamous Xbox Game Pass. It also supports Xbox One backward compatibility, which is a great boost for the console in the competition.

However, it is less powerful than PlayStation 4, while also lacking in the number of large exclusives when compared to the PS4.

Some gamers are fond of Microsoft’s additional services, while others are suckers for the Exclusives offered by Sony. You will have to make a choice as per your personal preference.

Nintendo Switch Lite: Best Handheld

nintendo switch lite
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If you were only fond of the portability option in the original Nintendo switch, then the experienced company’s latest release is best suited for you. This video game console does not support integration with televisions.

Due to this, the significant chunk of its asking price is removed. However, the manufacturer has not compromised in regards to your favorite games as all those games are easily playable on the Lite version as well.

You will get exclusive Nintendo exclusives, along with longer battery life. In contrast, some players may feel retracted from buying Nintendo Switch Lite due to its small screen size and consequent inability to connect to televisions.

On and all, in our opinion, Nintendo Switch is where it’s at, but you certainly don’t have to take our word the same. There is no arguing the fact that buying video game consoles could be a costly affair.

So, before making a choice, you must do your due diligence after determining things that are your priorities and others that are not, to find the best video game console for you.

We hope this article assisted you in deciding which one is the best video game console. Do leave any queries you may have regarding this subject in the comment section below, along with which is the best video game console, in your opinion?