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Facebook has always impressed us with its ultimate user interface. Some of the latest user face options that facebook recently brought to its customers are the Live option. Some of you may have even used that option several times. But have you ever thought that some of the Facebook live tips could improve your Live in an extremely better way? 

If you are thinking so, then I would like to tell you that the following article consists of some of the best Facebook Live tips. That will make your Live superhit and improve your creative skills regarding starting a Facebook Live. 

How To Go Live On Facebook 

It seems to look like just a simple click to go live on Facebook, and to be honest; it is so, I won’t deny it. All the credit goes to facebook’s recent app updates. But, have you ever thought about going live on a business page on Facebook. To go live from a business page, click on the “Start a Live Video Option” present at the create a post box. 

Wait, are you really ready to start a live video? Yes, now you got my point, just read the Facebook live tips below and make your facebook Live more interesting for the people who are going to join it. 

Source Content and themes from your community 

Well, a community matters a lot while going Live on Facebook. They know what they want to watch on Facebook Live. Therefore, ask them for their topic, what they want you to start. Run polls, go for some stories, and ask them properly. Once they reply with what they want you to do, execute the idea. 


It might sound silly to promote,” I will be live on Facebook at such a time,” But believe me, it works. It can be possible that some of your friends on Facebook may tease you for it. But apart from that, some friends there is a long list of your friends. Most of them have already known that you will be Live on Facebook therefore, most of them will see you going live. The public generally follows this Facebook live tip to gather more and more people in their Facebook Live. 

Make Formatting Decisions 

Well, if you are going for a debut on Facebook live, then remember that it matters a lot to viewers how your camera is being placed. If you are keeping your camera vertically, then it might look too close to the audience. Therefore, decide how you have to put your camera on Live, deciding on which angle and position will give you the best shot. It’s relevant to let you know that you can buy Facebook live viewers if you’ve deficiencies. 

You can also go for a trial with a different ID for knowing the best camera position. Trying this Facebook Live Tip will surely give you a better start. 

Time It Just Right 

Timing matters a lot while going Live and uploading it. If you are going at 5 am, the audience reach will be limited to a few people. Everyone doesn’t wake up so early. Therefore knowing the right time to go Live on Facebook is too important for a user. Know the time when most of your followers get online on Facebook and then go for Live. 

Using this Facebook Live tip, you can improve the reach of your Facebook Live. You may look for it in the Facebook reports too. 

Offer Context 

If you are going to start a Facebook Live, the plan is to gain more people as your audience. Therefore, to make the audience stick around your Live, you have to engage them properly. Explain to them the context for which you have started Facebook Live. Once you explain the purpose and the other minute you are connected with several people in your Live. 

Greet them with immense energy and let them enjoy what will happen in the Live after some time. Using this Facebook Live tip will surely give you an improvement in your reach on Facebook. 

Be Responsive And Interactive 

A person joining Live may have joined because of your work, but believe me, they stay there based on your interactivity. A person who is not at all interactive on Facebook Live never gets a good number of audience. Simultaneously, a person who is quite interactive and responds to every comment of the chat section receives a good response from the audience. It is because the number of the audience depends upon the binding power of the host. 

Therefore, go for an interactive session rather than doing it formally or with some shyness. Use the interactive form of Facebook live tips for building a good Facebook Live.

Connect Authentically 

Never forget one thing while starting a Facebook Live, that you are here to build relationships and not for a marketing purpose. It doesn’t look good to start selling a product on your Facebook Live. Zuckerberg’s main motive behind giving a Live option on Facebook was to enable people to engage with their followers and build relationships. 

However, many brands’ pages use the Live option as a marketing tool. It does not look good in their customer’s eyes, and some even unfollow them for such stupidity. Therefore, focus on building some relations with your audience rather than making sales. 

Use Other Channels For Promotion 

There are many other channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. You can promote your Facebook Live and your page; however, using some Instagram tips can help you promote your Live. Post stories and posts on other social media platforms. It will let your audience know that you are going for a Facebook Live. 

Using this Facebook Live tip will surely get you more and more audience. 

Final Words 

Facebook Live is a new feature introduced by Facebook for its users. It enables you to connect with all of your friends or followers on Facebook in one instance. However, there should be proper planning for Facebook Live. To improve your reach for a Live, read some of the best Facebook Live tips mentioned in the above article. However, it will also give you answers to questions such as; How to use Facebook Live? How does Facebook Live work? 

I hope you liked this article, for more such articles stay connected to us. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section.