Top 10 best eminem songs
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Eminem is the most versatile rap artist in this era. Despite being a multiplatinum, Grammy-winning artist, Slim is one of the most vulnerable and underground rappers in the scene right now.

He pours his heart into his close-to-heart tracks that are also some of Eminem’s best songs. These make his struggle and challenges feel familiar to the listeners.

When it comes to more violent and ruthless tracks, we do not see the same vulnerable and sad Eminem; we are then faced by a ruthless monster that would literally go to any limit to showcase his anger and frustration.

He was also a fan of using homophobic and sexist slurs during his early work. But in that era, almost every single rapper was using those terms as a way to express their thoughts.

The Detroit rapper is considered by a lot of people, the best rapper of all time. He has so many great songs that choosing some as his best songs is a very controversial and debatable task, but today, we will try to take the risk and mention the top 10 best Eminem songs.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get to it.

Top 10 Eminem Songs of All Time

10.  Without Me

One of the best tracks off Eminem’s The Eminem Show” has a line that goes, “We need a little controversy” and this line is an appropriate representation of Eminem’s public image back in 2002.

He was super controversial, and after some time, he seemed to be enjoying his place and used this song to say massive F-you’s to all those haters. “Without Me” is easily deserving to be on this list of best Eminem songs.

9. Drug Ballad

The Marshall Mathers LP is one of the darkest and gritty albums of Eminem, and among all of those dark tracks, “Drug Ballad” was the one song that features soulful back-up vocals and moaning bass. However, the lyrics are highly deceptive and are still pretty dark.

Marshal coveys his struggle from drug addiction since he was a child, along with the troubles of being a famous rap star.

8. Mockingbird

Just like many different tracks that Em has written, “Mockingbird” is a very personal song for him. He directly talks to his daughters, and his delivery of those lines is so perfect that the music complements his rapping majorly. It is easily one of the top Eminem songs.

7. Rap God

This is the newest Eminem song on this list. It is featured in his 2013 album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” and as the name suggests, Eminem brought back the schizophrenic insanity persona identical to his alter ego, Slim Shady.

In the song, he showcases his feelings about the changes in the rape game over the years and his longevity in the field. He also displays his superhuman ability to rap fast in a 15-second bomb of syllables. It is easily one of the top 10 best songs of Eminem.   

6. Kill You

Eminem first gained fame due to his overly violent and way-too real fantasies. There were many early Eminem songs reminiscent of this style, but this song from “Marshall Mathers LP” takes the violence and absurdity to the whole new level.

In the track, Em talks about some highly disturbing things like raping his own mother and a beheading in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” style. All of this galore can surely be off-putting and overwhelming for the masses, but the combination of Dr. Dre’s old school G-funk beat and Eminem’s virtuoso flow makes it work.

5. Sing for the Moment

Apart from the playful and violent songs, Eminem also made some highly motivational tracks. One of these tracks is “Song for the moment” This song is unarguably one of the best Eminem songs in terms of lyrics and content.

We all know that Eminem has been through a lot since he was a child courtesy of his personal tracks. He uses this track to express his feelings about how those critics and haters have affected him mentally and how he decides to tackle all of them for continuing to push harder and staying on top.      

4. Criminal

When Eminem released 1999’s “The Slim Shady LP “, he surely gained some popularity and some of which was because of his wicked sense of humor, while other was due to almost all the critics projecting him to be psychopath, homophobe, pervert and obviously a future criminal.

In this next project, “The Marshall Mathers LP” he releases this track by responding to all those negative critics in his own fashion.

3 The Way I Am

In the second track off “TMMLP”, Eminem explores his inner self and coveys to the world that no one really knows who he really is. Most rappers tend to lose touch of their quality whenever they are talking about something that is this personal to them.

However, Eminem delivers each and every line in razor-sharp, syncopated cadence with a production that features piano and minimal percussion.

2. Stan

Stan is easily one of Eminem’s most popular songs. Again, this track is off the dark and distressing “TMMLP”. Eminem tells a story about a fan who is crazy about him and is obsessed. He sends letters to Eminem, but he isn’t able to hit back even after his multiple attempts due to him being busy. 

Now frustrated, Stan loses his mind and decides to kill his pregnant wife while driving and recording a tape for Eminem. It is not just a story but a poignant commentary by Em on the disastrous power of fame and its consequences. It is easily one of the top Eminem songs.  

1. Lose Yourself

This song is off a movie in which Eminem plays the role “B-Rabbit” who is indirectly himself, and the movie is about his struggles in becoming a successful rapper while being white. It is a motivational song and has some of the most powerful lines in a rap song ever.  It is surely the best Eminem song, in our opinion.

Conclusion and Disclaimer

There are a lot of hits delivered by the Rap God over his over 20 years long rap career, and due to this, choosing some as the Top 10 best Eminem songs is highly subjective and risky.

There is a high chance that Eminem’s most popular songs would not even be on this list. That’s why we are asserting that this is completely based on our personal thoughts and views, and you as a Stan are more than welcome to share your Top 10 best Eminem songs in the comments section down below.