The CES 2017 seems to be synonym of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the unveiling from house of AvatarMind is one big stepping stone to it.

The iPal Companion Robot in a booth at the Family and Technology Marketplace is an educational and entertaining friend for elderly as well as for children. It can sing, dance, interact and navigate a maze too.

AvatarMind said the 3.5-foot tall new gadget is designed to become a learning and safety companion for kids and to make them interested in science and technology.

iPad Companion Robot is equipped with camera and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity and it can be used by parents to keep an eye on their children from anywhere and they can remotely control it to interact with the kids.

CEO John Ostrem said in a released statement, “iPal can make the everyday lives of parents a little easier and provide a much richer experience for children, compared just to sitting in front of a TV or screen.”

However, it is cautioned the gadget cannot be a replacement for parents like a standalone baby sitter and in fact no robot can be such.

Ostrem added the iPal can be a good companion to elders living alone and facing health challenges. It can aid in medication compliance as well as medical monitoring.

A screen is located in the chest area of the iPal and standard Android apps can run on it. It is equipped with a microphone too for recording and saving audio and video.

The gadget comes with several motors to help it give movement like in the arms and neck. It detects objects with the help of 3 infrared and 5 ultrasound sensors. It has built-in obstacle collision avoidance software and comes with a 1.3 MP camera.