Personal account managers are always important when it comes to trading in the forex market. Not all the time it is possible to keep track of the market movements. A brokerage platform that ensures to help you keep track of these movements is the one to select. Arbitrage Genius is one such brokerage platform that has been very consistent when it comes to providing the right account management services. As per the Arbitrage Genius review, the brokerage platform provides an account manager for every trading account type. In this blog, we’re going to take a deep dive into understanding why you must have a personal account manager if you are a full-time professional. 

Roles and responsibilities of an account manager

A personal account manager continues to have multiple sets of roles and responsibilities to fulfill.

Yet some of the most repetitive roles that they must keep an eye on are listed below:

  1. Tracking the market dynamics: It is very important that the market dynamics are kept track of. If you are a full-time working professional, it might not be possible for you to always track them. So, for this reason, a personal account manager is here to help you. They make sure to keep track of the market dynamics and help you to take the right positions.
  2. Knowing the Entry points: Having the right entry point is very crucial when you’re looking forward to trade in the stock market. If the right entry point is not available, you might often end up having a very deep stop loss. An account manager ensures that they keep track of the right market entry point, thus you can invest accordingly.
  3. Trading on your behalf: Often if you have a very busy schedule, then you might give your account credentials to an experienced account manager. Now an account manager will take complete control over your account and on a shared basis will trade and help your portfolio to grow further.
  4. Keeping track of the global news: The Forex market is highly determined by global news and happenings. As a result, it is quite important that this news should be kept track of. What really becomes critical is to understand that a personal account manager has it as his primary responsibility – thus enabling them to help traders earn better. 
  5. Guiding the traders in making the right position: At last, one of the key responsibilities of a personal account manager is to guide the traders in taking the right trading decision. Thus, it becomes critical that the personal account managers have expertise and experience which can add value to the trader’s account.

Bottom line:

In conclusion, trading with Arbitrage Genius gives traders the benefit to stay on top of the markets. Moreover, experienced account managers enable traders to be in the right direction of the market – thus allowing them to stay aligned with the market trends. Sign up with Arbitrage Genius right now to experience the best forex trading experience with them – and win the market with the right guidance.