Apple New Launches

Last year it was a huge moment for Apple’s new launches. Not only did Apple keep the schedule of releasing the Apple watch and the three-camera smartphone iPhone 11 & 11pro in September. However, 2019 also held some surprises like the new iPod touch and new AirPods. 

But this year, it has already been eventful for the company, as it launched the new iPad pro with the sensors for AR and the new budgeted iPhone called the iPhone SE. Moreover, the reports and rumors are to be believed, and the company has plenty more in its pipeline for 2020 upcoming gadgets. Also, the most striking Apple’s first 5g enabled smartphones, and it is expected to come in the year-end. 

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the company struggles with the supply chain that has weakened and disrupted. Because of this pandemic, Apple has to close most of the global retail stores temporarily and change it to remote work adjustments. So in this article, we share the New Apple gadgets that we are expecting to see in 2020.

Upcoming Apple Gadgets 2020

iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro with 5g

Apple is ready to launch the new iPhone 12 and 12pro. The company said it expects to receive the supply of the new iPhones a few weeks later than usual. Stating that the phone will likely get delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What seems to be more clear are the features that we can anticipate to see. Apple’s next-gen iPhones 12 will apparently come with 5g enabled, 3D Lidar sensors similar to the new iPad Pro, and the new design that looks similar to iPad Pro, and also has some updated screen sizes according to the rumors.

Apple Watch That Can Track Sleep.

Apple unveils the new iWatch alongside the new iPhone in October, so there is a good chance that we will see Apple follow a similar pattern in 2020.

The huge update of this year 2020 iWatch could be the sleep tracking technology. This feature that rivals with Fitbit and other companies have long offered. Apple has been testing sleep tracking for the iWatch, and this feature will be ready by 2020, according to the rumors.

Apple has stated in July that they are going to launch the new sleep tracking app for the iWatch as part of the watchOS seven updates coming this fall. This company’s next smartwatch might also come with the ability to check blood oxygen levels. Moreover, it is also expected to include improved water resistance and faster performance.

Mac Computers running on Apple Silicon

This June, this company has unveiled its new design for its own Mac chips instead of using Intel processors, saying that their first device running on the all-new Mac chip that would arrive by the end of 2020.

Apple did not reveal any other details about the new Mac pc, but this company is rumored to be working on the latest 14-inch MacBook Pro. 

Service Bundle which Includes Apple New+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music

 The company might offer three of its digital services as the bundle subscription in 2020. Apple reportedly is considering giving Apple TV, Apple News, and Apple Music to boost subscribers. Such a bold move would further the company into the services.

Cheaper Version of the HomePod

The company might introduce the cheaper version of the HomePod smart speaker this year. In this upcoming model, it includes two tweeters instead of seven tweeters in the current version. 

This latest HomePod might also be smaller than the current one, and it will be about half the size of the original.

Over-Ear Premium Headphones

As Airpods earbuds are already famous, now the company is working on the new premium headphones to rival Sennheiser and Bose as well, according to the rumors. 

The headphones would be placed as the high-end option to Apple Beats brand, and it could be released in the mid of 2020. Like AirPods, the latest headphones might be able to pause and play the music automatically. The new premium headphones would be able to tell whether they are on the ears or hanging around the neck.

All New AirPods

 Apple may be preparing to release a new pair of AirPods in the future, according to youtube personality Jon Prosser. 

Prosser said that in late April, the company is likely to debut the latest Airpods in may, which were assumed to be released in March. He did not reveal any details about the latest Airpods, but he said that they were ready to, and they would likely be released alongside the new MacBook Pro.

New Apple TV with Faster Performance

The company is preparing to launch the latest version of the Apple set-top box with improved performance.

The company has not released the new Apple TV after the launch of the 4k model in 2017. The 2017 model runs on the A10X processor, the very same chip in 10.5, and 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 2017.

Wireless Charging Mat

 Apple might launch the small wireless charging mat in the first quarter of 2020. AirPower was the wireless charging that the company had intended to release last year but ended up discarding because it did not meet the Apple high standards. AirPower would have been able to charge three devices like Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone.

Final Words

These are all the rumored products, and some gadgets are delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. By mid-October, we will get to know the Apple new launches in the Apple event from new AirPods to the all-new iPhone 12 and the 12pro. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.