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Women should be more conscious about their health compared to men as the clock never goes back once the health deteriorates. They should also be very careful about their heart health even though heart disease is common among men. It is suggested to understand the symptoms and start preventing measures.

A data of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals one in every four women in the US suffers from heart disease. Similar figure also prevails in neighboring Canada. The leading cause of death for women there is heart disease.

Recognizing heart disease threat is important and to avoid being one of those women who die out of it each year in the US and Canada.

Below are some of the important tips offered by the US Food and Drug Administration for women looking to prioritize their heart health:

All the three meals should be heart-friendly diet

Yes, all the three important meals of the day should be heart-friendly diet. While picking food iterms from shelves it is important to look at their labels. Opt for only those food items which are low in sugar and sodium.

It is highly suggested to avoid those food items which are high in trans fats. Some of the foods rich in trans fats include biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes and microwavable breakfast sandwiches.

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