Warblade: a Great Vertical Shooter for the iPhone and iPad

The vertical shooter is one of the oldest genres in videogaming. Classics like Space Invaders and Galaga were two of the first popular arcade games. Warblade brings life to this old genre through excellent graphics, replayability, and a host of interesting gameplay twists.

Warblade for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Features

  • 100 Game Levels
  • 16 Bonus Levels in Time Trial Mode
  • OpenFeint Social Network Integration with Worldwide Leaderboards and 50 Achievements
  • Effective use of iPhone’s Accelerometer for Ship Movement
  • Excellent 60fps Graphics
  • Interesting Gameplay Twists and Secrets

Developed by EMV-Software, essentially a one-person development shop run by Norwegian programmer, Edgar Vidal, Warblade is a port of Deluxe Galaga, known as one of the top 100 Amiga games of all time. In fact, Warblade is currently available for both the PC and Mac platforms, as it was first released on the desktop.

The Best Vertical Shooter Game for the iPhone Platform?

Upon starting Warblade, the user is prompted to choose between two game modes. Mission mode is the core version of the game, with over 100 levels and a relatively slow path to power-ups and advancements. Time Trial mode, on the other hand, is perfect for a quick gaming break with its ramped-up difficulty using a ship already powered-up with some of the game’s super-weapons. Getting the best score in approximately three minutes is the goal of this mode.

Warblade’s default movement scheme involves effective use of the iPhone’s accelerometer, although it is possible to use virtual directional buttons overlaid on the screen by choosing that option. A virtual fire button lies at the bottom of the screen.

The gameplay in Warblade is essentially Galaga on steroids. With over 100 levels in Mission mode, the many different power-ups, bonus modes, and enemies keep the interest level at its highest. In fact, the Meteorstorm asteroid-dodging bonus mode has its own leaderboard. Another bonus mode is a take on the matching-game genre.

Warblade’s copious power-ups include many different weapon upgrades, shields and armor for the ship, as well as coins that are used to purchase power-ups at various points in the game. These power-ups are essential for survival during Warblade’s higher levels.

OpenFeint Social Gaming Network Support

Warblade provides full support for the iPhone’s OpenFeint social gaming network, with leaderboards for all of the game modes along with a full set of 50 achievements. The title recently featured as part of the OpenFeint Free Game of the Day program.