Gaming PC does not come cheap. A powerful gaming PC is way too much expensive. Assembling one could cost you too high, but below are some important tips how you can make it for cheap:

– The first thing to know is that your old PC may still have some working parts like the hard drive, the case, power supply, optical drive or the motherboard. Check those and probably you will find saving money unnecessarily buying those parts.

– You can get use parts from the market. Those comes cheap. Try to find out from eBay. You will be able to buy some useful parts from there at lower price, in fact at cheapest price compared to buying new parts.

– Don’t invest much on CPU as the key role in a powerful gaming PC is played by the GPU. In fact your GPU need to be of high quality and from good brand so that it offers you the highest level performance while gaming. If possible, get a used CPU from the market and you will save some money.

– Get deals from websites. If you are unable to track the deals, subscribe their newsletter and you will be regularly updated with discounts and offers. Sometimes they offer really best deal on parts.

– Talk to your friends whether they have any unused parts with them. Those may come free or else you offer some small amount to them.

– Don’t buy expensive peripherals and LEDs. Here too you will be able to save money.