Steel-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances - Tech Preview

If Steel-type Pokemon are causing you problems, I’ll explain how to beat them in battles and tell you which Pokemon are good at it. I’ll also tell you what they are strong against so you’re ready.

Steel-type Pokemon are really strong and some people love using them. They are tough and can be a great choice for your team. However, your opponents might also use them in battles.

Like all types of Pokemon, Steel-types have their own weaknesses that you can use to your advantage. I’ll tell you what you should know to win when you face a Steel-type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet or any other main series game.

Steel-type Pokemon weaknesses

Steel-type Pokemon do not like three things:

  • Fire-type Pokemon
  • Ground-type Pokemon
  • Fighting-type Pokemon

So, if you want to beat a Steel-type Pokemon, make sure to have Pokemon from these categories in your team.

Steel-type Pokemon strengths & and resistances

Steel-type Pokemon are tough and can resist some types and moves. They are strong against:

  • Normal-type
  • Flying-type
  • Rock-type
  • Bug-type
  • Grass-type
  • Psychic-type
  • Ice-type
  • Dragon-type
  • Fairy-type
  • Other Steel-types

Pure Steel-type Pokemon cannot be hurt by Poison-type moves, so remember this when you are in a battle.

What is a Steel-type Pokemon

Steel-type Pokemon stand out because they look like they are made of metal or robots. They have a shiny and futuristic appearance.

Some of them have two types, while others are just Steel-types. The ones that are only Steel-types are usually very strong in battles. You can beat them by using their weaknesses and using Pokemon that are good against them.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat Steel-type Pokemon in the Pokemon series.

Some Questions

What can beat Steel-type Pokemon?

Let the strong Fighting-type Pokemon handle Steel-types. They are especially good at defeating them, except for Normal and Dark types.

What are Steel-type Pokemon weak against?

Steel-type Pokemon can be easily beaten by Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type moves. If you want to win against Steel-types, use these kinds of attacks.

What are Fairy-type Pokemon’s weaknesses?

Fairy-type Pokemon have three main weaknesses: they do not like Poison-type moves, Steel-types, or Fire-types.

Is there a Pokemon that is both Steel and Ghost type?

Yes, Aegislash is a Ghost/Steel type Pokemon. It can change its shape in battles, depending on the moves it uses.

What are Dark-type Pokemon weak against?

Dark-type Pokemon are not fans of Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type Pokemon. If you use moves of these types, you can defeat Dark-types more easily.

Are there any Pokemon types with no weaknesses?

Yes, the Eelektross line of Pokemon (Tynamo, Eelektrik, and Eelektross) have no weaknesses. They are pure Electric types and have a special ability called Levitate.

Why are Dragon-types weak to Fairy-types?

In stories and games, fairies are often seen as the opposite of dragons, with dragons being seen as bad and fairies as good. So, Fairy-types were made strong against Dragon-types in the game to make battles more fair because Dragon-types used to be very powerful.

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