Poffin Pokemon Go: How to get one?

Pokémon Go’s Companion adventure program helps

users to interact with their Pokémon by taking them on outings while also achieving daily objectives. In Pokémon Go, an object called Poffins has recently been added to the Buddy adventure feature and may be used to feed Pokemon. Players can now feed Poffin Pokemon Go, whereas previously, only berries could be utilized to nourish Buddy Pokémon. Poffins will also raise all of Pokemon’s statistics.

Poffins are a “unique snack that instantly replenishes your buddy’s appetite meter and increases their attitude to excited,” according to Niantic. Players will immediately receive the entire daily amount of Affection heart from Poffins, which are typically found under the “give your buddy a treat” option.


Pokecoins can be utilized to purchase Poffins from the Shop. Players must first choose the Store by pressing the Pokeball at the bottom of the globe display. Poffins are available for purchase in the Store under the Items menu for 101 Pokecoins apiece. The Poffins that players purchase are kept in the Inventory.

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At the lower left of the display, users must choose their Buddy Pokémon. With the Buddy Adventure program’s daily progress shown at the bottom, it will access the Buddy Pokémon account. To get their Buddy Pokémon to emerge, players first tap the Play option underneath their Partner Pokémon and then locate a sizable flat space.

Gamers must choose the Berry symbol beneath the Pokémon before choosing the Poffin from the menu. Players will be able to nourish their Friend Poffins in this way, providing them an enormous improvement and lengthening their presence.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What does a poffin do in pokemon go?

Poffins are a unique food that increases your friend’s level of hunger and raises their emotion into enthusiasm.

What is a puffin in pokemon go?

Poffins are objects that make a friend Pokemon more enthusiastic. The store values these things at 100 coins.


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