POE 3.15 Release Date – Every Detail!

Grinding Gear Games presented Path of Exile’s most recent expansion and League Wednesday at 1:00 PM (PDT). While the developers claim that the game would “shake things up” the gameplay significantly, the sneak peeks merely hinted at the new concepts and skills.

Path of Exile expansion for free on October 22nd on PC and on October 27th on console.

As stated before, the Twitch live broadcast started at 1:00 PM (PDT) Wednesday. Together with the much-anticipated expansion presentation, Chris Wilson and ZiggyD participated in a Question and answer session. You can watch the teaser of POE 3.15 in the given YouTube video:

Additionally, Grinding Gear Games gave information on their plans for July’s remaining days, featuring patches as well as other releases. The chronology begins on July 17, but the events of July 15 and 16 inexplicably vanish.

Date-Related Events!

Challenge RewardsJuly 18
3.15 Private LeaguesJuly 19
3.15 Balance ManifestoJuly 19
Ultimatum LeagueJuly 19
Patch NotesJuly 20
Changed and New GemsJuly 21
Download Launch DayJuly 22
Launch of 3.15.0’s expansionJuly 23
fresh mystery boxJuly 24
Launch of 3.15.0’s console expansionJuly 28

Patch Notes in Parts!

Well before the 3.15 expansion, Grinding Gear Games released a few download updates that detail several engine upgrades and additions. Within the next week, patch 3.14.31 is anticipated to arrive, bringing various general gameplay changes.

The older Performance Measures charts have been replaced with newer ones that show a lot more information. Now, we possess bars that display the comparative load on multiple systems and chart a wide range of different requirements:

Switch on the Performance Measures charts if you’re experiencing quality issues and would want to capture a video to exhibit Grinding Gear since they offer a plethora of information regarding what’s dragging you off.

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