Overwatch 2 Roadhog Rework: Hook, New Ability & More - Tech Preview

The makers of Overwatch 2 shared some news about changes they’re making to Roadhog, one of the game’s characters. They’re giving him a new ability, but they also said it’s going to take longer than they thought to make these changes.

Roadhog has always been a tricky character to make fair in the game. Some players do not like that he can defeat enemies with one powerful shot and that he has a lot of health.

Over the years, the game creators have tried different things to make Roadhog more balanced. They made him do less damage, and they made changes to his hook ability, but he is still not quite right.

However, in the upcoming update for Season 7, Blizzard has given us more information about what they are doing to change Roadhog and make him a fair character to play.

Roadhog is getting a new ability in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, they are making changes to Roadhog. He was supposed to get these changes in the middle of the season, but now they are delaying it until later in Season 7. They are making some last-minute tweaks to his main gun and the ability where he take a breather.

They are also adding a brand new ability to Roadhog, but they have not told us what it is yet. They did not mention any changes to his hook or his super powerful move called Whole Hog, so those should stay the same.

We do not know exactly what the new ability will do, but since they are changing his main gun, it might be related to his other way of shooting. We will have to wait a few weeks to find out what exactly they are doing with Roadhog.

When Is Roadhog’s Rework Coming

Roadhog’s changes are coming in the middle of season seven, starting around October 10. Normally, middle-of-the-season updates happen about one month into a two-month-long season, so you can expect it around November 7 or 14 because Blizzard often releases big updates on Tuesdays.

Roadhog Rework Abilities and Changes

As for what they are doing with Roadhog, they have not given all the details, but they did say a few things. Roadhog will get a new ability as part of the changes. Also, the person in charge of designing the hero, Alec Dawson, talked about some ideas they have:

  • Make Roadhog better at protecting the team and controlling areas on the map.
  • Keep his main style of play the same.
  • Change how strong he is in different ways so he does not rely so much on being able to defeat enemies with just one shot.

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