The all-new UC Browser has been launched and it is said to come with plethora of new features including several entertainment content.

UCWeb announced it has partnered with Colors TV to add entertainment content in the browser for users.

UCWeb is owned by Alibaba Business Group.

The mobile business group’s president of Alibaba, Jack Huang, said UCWeb is one of the leading mobile browsers and entertainment content would take it to a new level.

Over 80 million active users browse internet through UC Browser in India and with the upgrade more news and entertainment content will be made available at fingertips.

Currently the new Browser is focusing on Indian market and claims to offer faster internet and enable downloading of content even in low bandwidth areas.

The new browser is also said to have localized content to target people speaking local languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bihari and more.

The UC Browser to offer seamless integration of Colors TV programs too. It has user-friendly UI to “offer Digitized Entertainment.”

UCWeb said its partnership with Colors TV is unique believe to be of long-term engagement through multiple platforms including behind the scenes videos and blogs.

Colors TV is one of the leading entertainment channel in Indian market offering content in Hindi language. Share your own views whether its partnership with UCWeb would be able to capture the mobile market too amid touch competitions like Ditto TV and HotStar TV for mobile phones.