Mr Z Dying Light 2: Get All Answers!

This week, the next installment of the Dying 2 Know game from creator Techland was made available in a special Gamescom package. In this edition of Dying 2 Know, the emphasis was squarely on parkour and fighting. Every one of these episodes covers a few elements of Dying Light 2 Stay Alive. The creators gathered to discuss fresh details and demonstrate how the gameplay will be improved in this sequel.

Parkour and general character mobility come foremost. One of the best features of Dying Light’s first iteration is exploring the world, although Techland was aware that it might be improved.

Combat in this game incorporates parkour much more heavily. For instance, you could paralyze an opponent with a single stroke before leaping off of them and delivering the killing blow. As a substitute, you can hit an enemy and then bounce back to strike another, eliminating enemies one at a time.

A committed crew has improved fighting in Dying Light 2 Stay Alive. Players can string together assaults and cause various reactions in foes depending on the type of weapon utilized, the way it was used as well as the body portion being hit thanks to a new feature called “progressive hit responses.” To obtain stronger reactions for the game to assist in creating a more comfortable simulation, professional performance performers were recruited.

This episode also includes some information on the approximately 200 new weaponry that users can acquire or make, as well as the world’s setting and how it was created to support engaging battles. Although the game won’t be released till eventually this year, fans are already very enthusiastic about how well it’s developing to be a great successor.

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Mr. Z Infected Intelligence Quiz – Correct Answers!

We must discover more information about the disease and the Afflicted, the main adversaries, if we are to defeat the infectious agent and put a stop to the Harran Virus’s generations havoc. Few book-educated individuals are left to do scientific studies in the harsh surroundings of a dying society. One of them, Mr. Z, wants to know more information about the undead but is unable to examine them personally, so he is asking for your assistance. On this page, you can find out more information about the Infected Intelligence Challenge and the correct responses.

Infected Intelligence Quiz!

Although Dying Light 2 Stay Human has many interesting stories and complex ideas, at its heart, it continues to be a zombie apocalypse game. The Sick will continue to pose the biggest threat to mankind as we struggle to deal with the intricate relationships that exist between various factions in a dying society.

First question: How do you answer to Mr Z Dying Light 2?

Ans. If you’re locked out of the mission, head to bed and return to him at a later time. Z will ask you four questions regarding different types of Infected. The answers to Z’s questions in order are Banshee, Bolter, Revenant, and Suicider. Answer all four of his questions correctly to complete the mission.

Second question: Which zombies jump the highest in Dying Light 2?

Ans. Banshees are acrobatic and agile, able to jump high in seconds; if they’re flying. They attack by launching at the player and can even get on top of zombies to use them as jumping boards.

Third question: It emits a poisonous mist that surrounds other monsters, and some victims even think it has the power to bring back the dead. It is rubbish. Does that sound familiar?


  • Howler
  • Bolter
  • Revenant

Fourth question: Which infection do you believe has the most “explosive” temper?


  • Rampage
  • Demolisher
  • Suicider


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