Moxfield: The best place for making magic: The gathering decks - Tech Preview

If you love Magic: The Gathering, you know having a great deck is super important. Your deck isn’t just cards; it shows how you play and what you like. But how can you make the perfect deck for yourself?

How do you discover the top cards, cool combos, and strategies for your chosen way to play? How do you let others see your deck and get tips? And how do you follow how well your deck does and the numbers that go with it?

Moxfield has all the solutions for these questions. It’s a website where you can make, change, handle, and show your Magic: The Gathering decks on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you play just for fun or you’re super serious, Moxfield has all the tools to help you make your decks even better.

What is Moxfield

Moxfield is a website where you can create and look at Magic: The Gathering decks for any style and any amount of money you want to spend. You can easily find the cards you want using Moxfield’s search tool, sort them by color, type, how rare they are, price, and more, and add them to your deck with just a click.

You can also bring in decks from other places like MTG Goldfish, TappedOut, or MTG Arena, and change them into different file types like PDF, CSV, or plain text.

Moxfield also offers many helpful and enjoyable features for making decks:

  • Customize your deck’s name, description, tags, and categories using the deck editor.
  • Test your deck in playtest mode, either against yourself or other players online.
  • Check out your deck’s details like mana distribution, card types, and more in analysis mode.
  • Get suggestions for improving your deck based on your budget and preferences in upgrade mode.
  • Compare two versions of your deck or two different decks using compare mode.
  • Make a copy of your deck or someone else’s deck and change it as you like with clone mode.
  • Talk with other players who have seen or liked your deck in the comment section.
  • Rate your deck and other players’ decks using a rating system based on different factors.

Why use Moxfield

Moxfield is more than just a regular deckbuilding website. It’s a group of Magic: The Gathering fans who really enjoy sharing their ideas, thoughts, and experiences with each other. When you use Moxfield, you can:

  • Find new decks and strategies for your favorite way to play and the type of deck you like.
  • Learn from the best players globally who use Moxfield to show off their decks and accomplishments.
  • Get inspired by the cool and creative decks that other players have made using Moxfield’s tools.
  • Get advice and ideas from other players who have tested or liked your deck.
  • Help keep Moxfield running by becoming a supporter or donating to support its growth and upkeep.

How to use Moxfield

Using Moxfield is simple and easy to understand. Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign up for a free account or log in using Google or Facebook.
  • Use the “Create Deck” button to start making your own deck from scratch or bring in one from somewhere else.
  • Click on “Browse Decks” to check out the newest, most popular, or most liked decks on Moxfield.
  • Hit “Search Cards” to find the cards you want for your deck or your collection.
  • Go to “My Decks” to see all the decks you’ve made or brought in on Moxfield.
  • Visit “My Profile” to view your personal info, settings, and stats.

Moxfield also has a help section where you can get answers to common questions, learn how to use Moxfield’s features with tutorials and guides, and find ways to get in touch for support and feedback.


Moxfield isn’t just a regular website. It’s like a big stage where you can meet millions of other Magic: The Gathering players from all over the world who love the game just like you.

Whether you want to create a simple deck for having fun or a serious one for tournaments, Moxfield has all the tools you need. So, why wait? Join Moxfield now and let your imagination run wild.

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