Know All About Poppy Playtime 2: Grab Pack!

Every gamer has a dream of playing his favorite game in real life. Going to bed every night and wished, “God, please take me to my gaming world.” Though Horror fans will hate God if God sends them to the world of “Five nights at Freddy’s,” but there is always something in our hearts that actually want to experience it in real life.

Poppy Playtime fans, your dream has become a reality. Not exactly; the fun part is still there. Today I will tell you how to create your own “Grab Pack” from Poppy Playtime. All credit goes to the famous YouTube known as XtremeGamez. 8 months back, in relation to this article, he made a video called “HOW TO MAKE A GRAB PACK FROM POPPY PLAYTIME?”

If you are coming out from the mountains of the Himalayas after deep meditation for a very long time and you do not know what “Poppy Playtime” is, let me catch you up. It is a survival horror video game made by American Inde developers. Big YouTubers like Pewdiepie and it gained attraction in the mainstream horror gaming community.

The Grab Pack

If you have played or have seen streamers play Poppy Playtime, you know the Grab Pack is the most important tool in the game. In the introduction of the game, you learn how Grab Pack help you to grab things and interact with different battens, machine, and more. It is a first-person perspective game, one may think this is the hands of our protagonist, but Grab Pack is the tool that the character in the game uses to interact with different things in the game.

XtremeGamez’s Grab Pack

XtremeGamez tries to mimic and create Grab Pack in real life. He is known for his videos about shopping, video games, toys, and other mainstream topics. This time he is out to make another video on creating Grab Pack in real life. He laid down the steps in the video for his viewers and us to make one for ourselves and enjoy and have a fun time with it. This is not the first time he has tried to make Grab Pack, but this is the perfect creation of Grab Pack 2.0.

List of things that require for you to make Grab Pack down below:

  • 3D Printer

XtremeGamez uses a 3D printer for the making of two hands in Grab Pack, which shoot outwards in the game to interact with different things like battens and machines. You can buy them from the market if you do not want to spend money on a 3D printer.

  • Two Nerf Guns

XtremeGamez uses two powerful Nerf guns that are used to drown balls for dogs. Nerf guns that he uses can throw things up to a good distance. They will help shoot hands to a certain distance, just like Grab Pack.

  • Hoses

Hoses work as a connection from which hands will be attached and they will go inside the Nerf guns. Cut the hoses according to the size which is required of you. With the power of Nerf gun, you can shoot those hands to a certain distance like Grab Pack. You need powerful glue to attach everything.


Now you have your own Grab Pack. You can play and have fun with it. Use it as a device to tease your sister. During the time of winter holidays, you can sit with your family and build this as an activity and enjoy your time. Hope this information is of good use to you. Have you ever made anything that is inspired by the game? Let us know.