Genshin Leaked Characters!

A few avatar dumps have been made available to the Genshin Impact membership in advance of releases 3.0 and 3.1. Some followers are unsure which personality is worthwhile, despite the fact that only six leaked identities have been revealed thus far.

Visitors to Genshin Impact must accumulate enough of the virtual cash known as “Primogems” to purchase new avatars. Additionally, HoYoverse produces limited-time figure posters with each game upgrade, letting participants “pull” for whatever figure they like. Here are the individuals we believe are worth rooting for as Genshin Impact 3.0 and 3.1 draw closer.

The forthcoming selectable avatars for Genshin Impact 3.0 and 3.1 upgrades have been leaked. The Genshin Impact community has been working extremely hard to provide details on the Sumeru upgrade thanks to trustworthy whistleblowers and data miners. Genshin Impact will soon receive fifteen original characters, at least based on the leaks we’ve seen so far.

Nevertheless, the Sumerian tale will introduce these sixteen people over time.

Eleven of the original Genshin Leaked characters that will appear in Genshin Impact 3.0 and 3.1 are listed below with their identities

Collie is a 4-star user of the Dendro Bow. Dori is a 4-star user of the Electro Claymore. Tighnari is a 5-star user of the Dendro Bow. Candace is a 4-star user of the Hydro Polearm. Cyano is a 5-star user of the Electro Polearm. Nilou is a 5-star consumer of the Hydro Blade. Nahida, or Kusanali, is a 5-star user of the Dendro Motivator. Scar

The personalities are listed in the chronological order of their alleged release, which is an essential distinction. Feel free to read at your own peril, as this post will be riddled with Genshin Impact leaks!

4-star Dendro Bow Creature Collie!

Collie is one of the central characters in the Genshin Impact novel if you’re a regular reader. However, HoYoverse announced today that she would be playing the official game when they publish her drip advertising.

Collie is a Dendro Bow character, also mentioned in the announcement today. Although she might have some supporters among travelers, Collie will be a free 4-star character in the upcoming release. If you don’t want her stars in the sky, you may save your Primogems for other players.

Amber, who is stated to be part of the Dendro cast’s official introduction, is also tied to Collie.

These are her potential skills, as reported by Genshin Impact leakage

  • Standard Attack: Bowmanship of the Applicant
  • Use a bow to fire up to four straight shots.
  • The needle gains Dendro power if her NA is a charging strike.
  • Between Levels of Talent 1 and 14, a rechargeable aimed shot can deliver 125% to 295.5% ATK.

Floral Brushes Lightning Ability

Collei sends out a Floral Ring that hits victims and delivers 1 occurrence of Dendro DMG.

Whenever it touches, a floral brush provides three components.

Trump-Card Kitty: Elemental Explosion

Cuillin-Anbar Zone is created when Collie throws the Cuillin-Anbar doll, setting off an explosive that delivers AoE Dendro DMG. Inside this zone, Cuillin-Anbar will move throughout, delivering AoE dendro DMG.

Is Collie worth the wait?

Collie’s passive, like Amber’s, lessens the amount of stamina used while floating. Collie is your best alternative if you’re seeking a Dendro equivalent of Amber.

We have to say no to the question of whether Collie is smart enough to wait for and collect your Primos. We can try her out for a while if the rumors that she will be a free protagonist in the next Sumeru patch prove accurate. Eventually, we’ll be able to judge how long it was worthwhile to wait for her.

Dori, a 4-star user of Electro Claymore!

The Genshin Impact online channels made an official notification for Dori as well. The news states that Dori is a 4-star Electro character that wields a Claymore.

She reminded some travelers of Diona, one of the waiters at the Cat’s Tail in Mondstadt. Tighnari also characterizes her as a trader in Sumeru whose charges can be heartbreaking. So Dori is your choice if you’re seeking a Sumerian equivalent of Dr. Baizhu.

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