The number of adults enrolling in distance learning courses is growing every year. This increasingly popular manner of attending college, which allows adult learners to maintain full time employment and meet family commitments, provides many advantages for these students. Besides these two benefits, adult students appear to be learning more than students only enrolled in traditional classroom settings.

the U.S. Department of Education, which found that adult learners enrolled in distance learning degree programs have definite advantages over students enrolled in traditional classroom degree programs.

The advantages are very good for students enrolled in adult education programs. The following are additional examples of the impact of distance education. Learners:

Have greater opportunity for flexibility in completing course requirements. Students complete online college course requirements with minimal impact on work and family commitments.

Have increased opportunities for connecting online learning materials through real world experiences. This is especially significant because most students have full time jobs and can make connections between learning and on-the-job experiences.

Can enroll in part-time online degree programs which eliminate limitations typically encountered in traditional course offerings, classroom settings, and programs.

Can take advantage of financial aid opportunities they may not be otherwise qualified to receive.
Can enroll in online distance learning programs to make a change in careers without affecting current employment commitments.

With the ever-increasing opportunities for adults to enroll in distance learning schools and the advantages of these programs, adults must seriously consider enrolling in online distance learning programs.