How To Beat Snorlax Pokémon Go?

Today we are going to discuss how to defeat Snorlax. I had a rough time taking down Snorlax, and after doing different experiments with different Pokémon, I found a different way to take down Snorlax efficiently. Though sometimes it depends on what the trainer has, fighting type Pokémon are a bit hard to get, so I will show different Pokémon which will help you out in beating Snorlax Pokémon Go.

 Snorlax Pokémon Go has appeared in Raid Battles and is usually found in the wild. Snorlax is a good Pokémon to have, and farming PokeCoins in gyms with it is very good because it is only vulnerable to attack type Pokémon.

Before showing you what Pokémon I used to counter Snorlax, let’s study Snorlax first.


  • Type:  Normal
  • Weakness: Fighting
  • When Caught: 1,760 – 1,843 CP
  • Moveset:
Fast Moves  Charged Moves
Zen Headbutt
Skull Bash
Hyper Beam
Body slam

 Now that we know all the Moveset Snorlax as we have to pick those Pokémon who can be counter of these move sets. Like many people, I was getting fainted while trying to beat Snorlax Pokémon Go. Like many role-playing games (RPG), which are heavily based on power, level, and moves, one has to study the moves and how the character moves in certain situations and how many limitations they have.

Pokémon go also an RPG where characters have some limitations which we can exploit easily if we pay enough attention. When we know what we are fighting, we can minimize the damage and take things in our favor.

The same case can be made with Snorlax Pokémon Go. Now that we have discussed it above in the table, all the potential Snorlax Pokémon Go has, we can easily identify the limitation and exploit it and finally beat it.  

Pokémon          Moves
Tyranitar  Bite Stone Edge  (Personally use it because of its tanky nature.)  
Lucario  Counter Aura Sphere (Personally use it because of massive attack stats)  
Breloom  CounterDynamic Punch  
Blaziken  Counter Focus Blast  
Conkeldurr  Counter Dynamic Punch  
Machamp  Counter Dynamic Punch  
Sirfetch’d  Counter Close Combat
  • Before going to beat Snorlax, you have to keep in mind that you will have to bring the most power Pokémon with you, which you have trained to perfection.
  • The massive CP pool of Snorlax is something you have to watch out for that’s why I have Tyranity on the list because if its tanky CP pool and the damage it provides with stone Edge and the amount of damage it can take surely can help you with beating Snorlax.
  • The pain of not having an attack-type Pokémon is something I understand; they are hard to get and Snorlax, because of its massive CP pool, you have to give him a big deal of damage to beat him.
  • Machamp is a good option. It provides good damage with his punches. You have to keep in mind that it faints pretty early.
  • If you have Lucario, you don’t have to worry much because of his massive damage states.
  • Like I said earlier, the attack type provides a massive boost in beating Snorlax Pokémon Go, whatever you have. You have to maximize it to provide good damage. But you have to keep in mind that whatever Pokémon you choose to go with, it should have decent heath to manage to take a few attacks from Snorlax.

Now that you have an idea about the Pokémon in the recommendation list and what you have, do your best with whatever you have. Memories all the moves that Snorlax has in its disposal and exploit the limitation it possesses. The best types of Pokémon in defeating Snorlax are attack and tanky. You need both of them in extreme. Pokémon like Lucario for attack and Tyranity because of its Tanky nature