Halo Infinite: How to Beat Bassus?

Halo Infinite is getting extremely famous amongst open-world gamers. Bassus is one of the most powerful enemies in halo infinite, equipped with a vast gravity hammer. The character is designed to charge toward a master chief in the entire battle. Players are advised to run fast on the battlefield and must have an increased grapeshot to save themselves from the attacks of this enemy. Many people wonder that how to beat bassus.

Defeating this enemy will be extremely difficult if players lack strategies and skills in their grapple shot. The mere reason behind this is that the grapple shot consumes a considerable period of time to cool down every time a player uses it.

As per the expert players, there are only two official methods to decrease the pace of this enemy; let’s discuss how you can defeat this boss without any difficulty. Let’s discuss how to beat bassus.

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How to beat Bassus?

Bassus is known as the second most potent boss of this game. If you lack a proper strategy, it can be tough to defeat the boss. Players must practice different grapeshot and are advised to give more time to exploring recovery and collecting Spartan core. Before undertaking the camping excavation site, you must perform all these activities. The players must fight with Bassus, who use potential melee attacks and run the arena quickly.

As the battle starts, the Bassus will march towards the master chief, and even the least amount of blows with the assistance of the Gravity hammer can be deadly for the users. If you set the difficulty level to an extreme level, the player can bear only one attack. As discussed above grapple shot is the mere way to defeat this boss, as it will help toss the master chef nearby the arena while hitting Bassus with long-term attacks.

While avoiding the hammer attacks of Bassus, you will correspondingly have to focus on constantly attacking to decrease the armor protection of his shield. You have to keep hitting his shield because it incurs a power of regeneration, and if you don’t attack it constantly, you have to keep the shield.

Players are allowed to use explosives to decrease the Bassus Shield and health. Once you have disrupted the shield of Bassus, you must make a streak of shooting and grappling the way around by decreasing the Bassus’s health.

It is not that easy to defeat the Bassus as it will take some time to defeat this boss, but if you keep patience and keep dodging its attack while making some unusual grapple moves, you will defeat this boss. After defeating this boss, the players will acquire potential access to a more powerful Grapleshot, a few armors, and some potent weapons. 

Why is Bassus so hard to beat?

It is so hard to defeat this boss because of its power of regeneration and its Gravity hammer.

What is the most brutal fight in Halo Infinite?

Bassus is the second hardest halo infinite boss, and after defeating this boss, you will move to the next encounter boss.


People find it extremely difficult to defeat the Bassus. Still, you can defeat this boss with an appropriate strategy like a grapple shot and constant attacks on the shield while dodging his melee attacks. The above-mentioned portion explains how to beat bassus.

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