Remember Google Latitude? Seems it has returned back and didn’t die forever in 2013. This may be reason for the search giant not to make a replacement then for its version of iOS’s Find My Friend.

The location tracking is now called as Trusted Contacts. Google has just launched it to help people communicate with their ones or locate them during emergencies.

The Trusted Contacts app allows adding people with whom one wants to share whereabouts and this will be helpful during time of crisis to locate loved ones.

The app uses either GPS location of the phone or share the whereabouts if the device is online.

If user does not reply to the status request by friends and family members whether one is safe within five minutes, the app will send the location to those contacts. In case the phone is offline, the last location will be sent. Mukesh Mali | PressKM | PressAK | Mini Militia Hack | Gossip cage

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The app can also be used by abusive spouses, jealous boyfriends, or nosey friends apart from being a personal safety application. They can keep an eye on the users’ whereabouts continuously if the app runs passively in the background.

Trusted Contacts can be used as a virtual companion too. It is capable of sharing commute with loved ones to help them know one has reach the final destination. After reaching the final location one can end the sharing by pushing the button visible at the top of the screen, or else also on the lock screen.

The app is free to download on Android.