Genshin Impact: Silk Flower Location

Genshin Impact: Silk Flower Location and How To Find Guide

Hunting for Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact? Do you want to know the silk flower location? You’re in luck – they’re one of the simplest materials to find, as long as you know where to look.

Let’s go exploring the beautiful, rare, and sought-after Silk Flower Location. This charming bloom is a vibrant velvet-red hue that will captivate your eye. And with every bush we find, you’ll be rewarded with double the delight – how exciting.

While exploring some bushes, you may stumble across a rare find. An eye-catching flower with an intense reddish tone is sure to make your heart flutter. But it gets better; for every bush, we discover of this remarkable bloom – there are two Silk Flowers locations waiting inside as well – what luck!

Where are silk flowers used?

With the launch of their latest region, Silk Flowers could be a valuable tool for all players. Right now they’re an essential item for powering up characters – so get your hands on as many as you can. Discuss:

  • Hu Tao
  • Xingchiu

Where to find Silk Flower Location?

If you’re on the hunt for some rare and beautiful Silk Flower locations, then Wangshu Inn and Liyue Village are two must-see destinations. Nestled in the shadow of majestic Mount Tianheng, don’t worry if this area isn’t yet opened up; keep working through your story journey until you’re asked to travel south. When it’s time to pick those vibrant blooms, look no further than Wangshu Inn, your first port of call.

Liyue Village

Liyue Village

Explore the picturesque Yujing Terrace, a Liyue neighborhood with abundant gardens and tranquil ponds. For an unforgettable experience, teleport to Tianheng Mountain Range west of Liyue city then take flight towards town – you can easily spot the wondrously beautiful water features from above. Liyue Village is a tranquil place in the world of Genshin Impact, with its peaceful setting and stunning landscapes. Immerse yourself into this unique atmosphere that feels like something out of fantasy.

Wangshu Inn

Wangshu Inn

The 2nd Silk Flower location where you can find is Wangshu Inn. Take a trip to Wangshu Inn for an unforgettable experience. As you explore this small town with the inn perched atop a massive tree, use its convenient elevator to access extraordinary artifacts and Silk Flowers that are only found south of the Domain of the “Hidden Palace of the Zhou Formula.”

Come explore with us! Head down to the lower part for some bushes and a short journey north across the bridge for even more. Come take in all nature has to offer – it’s just stepping away.

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Qingce Village

Journey east, and you’ll find a small house with the bright & cheerful Bai. She’s offering five perfect silk flower units for an agreeable 1000 Moras each – so why not make the little trip if you’ve harvested all other available resources?

It’s a shame that it has become so scarce. Although, there are still some places to find “it” if we look hard enough – and the reward is worth our effort too. With each bush yielding at least two flowers, you’ll have plenty by the end of your hunt.

People May Also Ask

Where are Silk Flowers found?

Red bushes in Liyue Harbor are home to the exclusive Silk Flowers. Near Wangshu Inn and Yujing Terrace, these lovely blooms can be spotted with a keen eye; however, they don’t last forever. Be sure to harvest them quickly, as you only have 48 hours until their special petals replenish for another chance of discovery.

Where can I find Silk Flowers in Genshin?

Genshin Impact players can pick up a special Silk Flower from Verr Goldet at Wangshu Inn. For just 1,000 Mora, you get to take home one of her five available flowers – don’t wait too long, though, because stocks will be refreshed in three days.

Can we buy silk flowers?

There’s a great opportunity to get your hands on five silk flowers daily at Ms. Bai’s shop in Genshin Impact. For 5000 Mora, you can stock up for the next lot of adventures – so don’t miss out and make sure to grab yours each day.

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Looking for some beautiful blooms to brighten up your Genshin Impact experience? Silk Flowers location, with their vibrant petals and vivid colors, can be found in many areas around Liyue. For more information, read the entire article.

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