For many, although rather wrongly, football appeared to start when the Premier League was first formed. Admittedly, that will only apply to generations that know no different. Nonetheless, the beginning of the league in 1992 is considered to be the place in which many look at where football in England began.

Of course, this view can also be experienced worldwide, as the league has gone on to become the biggest. Millions, if not billions, of people in countries across the planet, continue to watch the matches that take place each and every weekend of the season. Fans across North America to Asia, and Europe to Australasia all have their favorite teams that they vehemently support and cheer with each kick of the ball.

Which teams have been the most successful in the Premier League era?

In the 31 years that the Premier League has been in existence, there have only been seven teams to have been able to win the title since 1992. For many, this is the best way to gauge which teams have been the most successful of all time.

Immediately, many will point to the fact that Manchester United have been the most successful with 13 Premier League titles, all of which came under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. They have struggled since the Scotsman’s retirement and are yet to rediscover their best. Nonetheless, the Red Devils could be argued to be one of the best to have ever done it.

Rivals Manchester City have been making a lot of noise over the last decade or so as they continue to make themselves known. They currently have the second-most titles (seven) and many believe they are the best team in the Premier League (and the world) in the modern era. It is very difficult to argue with that notion, as Pep Guardiola’s side continues to dominate the games that they play in with regularity. As a result, they have become a popular team to watch when enjoying the Unibet Football streaming feature to enhance their viewing experiences while betting live.

Chelsea have five trophies, while Arsenal are the other side to have won multiple editions of the league with three successes. Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City and Liverpool have each only won once. Some will argue that Liverpool are still one of the greatest English clubs, though, as they were extremely successful before the Premier League era. However, they have struggled to replicate that success since, although Jurgen Klopp appears to be bringing them closer to the glory days with numerous successes since being at the helm of the Anfield club.

Which teams have the most Premier League points?

While it is difficult not to look at the overall title successes throughout history, some like to consider the best teams of the Premier League era to be those that have managed to accumulate the most points.

Manchester United’s dominance during Ferguson’s era naturally puts them miles ahead of everybody else, as they had managed to amass 2,441 points ahead of the 2023/24 campaign. It is expected that they will eclipse the 2,500+ total. Arsenal are second with 2,225 points and will be expected to add a significant total to that tally as they look to challenge Man City for the title once again. Chelsea (2,182) and Liverpool (2,109) are the only other clubs to have recorded 2,000+ points since the league’s inception.

Tottenham Hotspur (1,847) are followed by Manchester City (1,718) but it would not be a surprise if we were to see that gap be reduced significantly by the end of the campaign. Everton (1,610), Newcastle United (1,481), Aston Villa (1,419), West Ham United (1,298), and Southampton (1,088) make up the 11 teams to have surpassed 1,000+ points.

What makes the best Premier League team?

With it being an extremely subjective opinion, it can be difficult knowing how to determine which club is the best Premier League team in history. Different factors can ultimately be used, such as the total number of titles or points, while others may look at it from a squad viewpoint and the players that they had that season.

Nonetheless, let’s all hope we manage to get another great Premier League season in the books for 2023/24 and see some of the quality football that we have become accustomed to watching over the last three decades!