Elden Ring: Stormhawkdeenh – All Details!

If you want to locate Stormhawk Deenh, head over to the Church of Anticipation – but be sure your sword is equipped with an Imbued Sword Key. Accessing the church requires a journey through Belfries Tower. If you want the spirit to summons in Elden Ring, you should look for StormhawkDeenh. It is on a top list of best summons in Eden ring 

Stormhawkdeenh, a summon spirit…

To make things a bit easy in the brutal game of Elden ring which is as forgiving as hell, summoning spirits will be a big help. Stormhawkdeenh is one of the best spirits to summon.

It gets a nice idea about Stormhawkdeenh. You should see it as a Warhawk mob in castle Sol and stormveil castle. It gives you additional 20% damage very frequently and they are a nice addition to help you stagger your enemies.

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How to use stormhawkdeenh spirit?

To give you a little idea about the spirit, here is the story of the spirit. A long time back, a spirit hawk who serves an old king in stormveilgave its protection to the old king. It tears its foes and shreds them into pieces.


To use the spirit, it requires you 47FP. It is a support unit that stays with you and attacks opponents. It has three types of attacks; they are pecks, dives, and talon swipes. It also provides additional buffs to you, 20% damage, and it can give additional Damage to Ash of war: flames, war cry, and Exalted Flesh, they give strength. But however, it does not give a buff to Golden vow.

How to get it?

  • To get Stormhawkdeenh, you need to go to the Church of Anticipation. To get access to the church you need to go to the Belfries tower and for that, you need Imbued Sword key 
  • When you reached Belfries Tower, you need to go and take Imbued Sword key that is to the highest tower, use in a teleporter.
  • If the key is already been used you can go to the town of Sorcery where you can find another key in selling and Raya lucaria Academy.
  • When you have the key, you can use it to the 2nd highest tower and you can teleport to the place you will reach the Church of Anticipation.

After you cross the bridge, you can enter the golden doorway. Or you have to it will lead you to the final boss, Grafted scion final boss if you haven’t 

  • explored it yet. You have to beat the boss to go further.
  • To get finally reach the church you can go to the left with respect to your path.
  • Go to the church’s top and you will find an item that is shining. 
  • You have to go inside the balcony and then find a chest and you will have your stormhawkdeenh.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is StormhawkDeenh any good?

Ans. It is one of the best Summons in Elden’s ring. It will give you a 20% damage buff with a support summon which attacks your opponents and stay with you in fights.

What is the strongest spirit ashes in Elden Ring?

Ans. The strongest spirit in Elden’s ring is The Mimic tear. As the name suggests, it copies your move set. It has Armor and a weapon. So you have the spirit that uses the best spells and weapons and will copy your damage.


Elden ring is one of the best games that give you freedom like no other game, it allows you to be yourself and have your own playstyle. If you want to play solo with your swords, it’s your choice. You can use the summons to help you out while fighting bosses. It has the capability to include every play style. Use stormhawkdeenh as a summoning spirit, it will not let you down. The steps above can help you get it.

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