The world keeps on spinning and when it comes to entertainment, poker has certainly come a long way since the card game was developed in the early 19th century, first appearing in the American south and on riverboats travelling along the Mississippi River.

Now the game of poker is truly global and has also spawned numerous variants, each featuring intriguingly different elements of gameplay, captivating people and having become a mainstream pursuit. But now more than just a parlor game for gamblers in casinos or bars, akin to those portrayed in westerns and gangster movies over the years, the popularity of poker has blossomed in the digital age, constantly attracting new audiences.

Major networks broadcast live and online poker tournaments

Whenever we think about poker it’s hard to ignore the impact of Las Vegas, the fabled Nevada city filled with brightly lit casinos and plenty of gambling action. This is actually where the very first World Series of Poker (WSOP) was held back in 1970, formulated by American gambling legend Benny Binion, hosting the original event at his own Horseshoe casino. That simple idea has now evolved, becoming the biggest annual poker tournament in the world.

Right from the beginning, the concept of high-stakes poker gaming instantly grabbed media interest across the United States, when early tournaments featured in the news. By the mid-1970’s, CBS had partnered with WSOP to broadcast the Main Event on television, then ESPN took over live coverage and production of shows for the next few decades.

Once the deal with ESPN eventually concluded in 2021, CBS Sports returned and struck a lucrative multi-year deal with the WSOP, subsequently airing the Main Event and Bracelet Events live. This has brought poker gaming even more exposure in the last couple of years, via live TV and streaming broadcasts,just when poker seems to be more popular than ever before across the US.

Alongside the in-person events hosted in Las Vegas, WSOP 2023 will also feature an extended selection of online events, as players compete remotely from home or via mobile devices. This follows the growing digital trends, including movies themed around poker streaming on Netflix, alongside major technological improvements enhancing the online poker experience. But with so much choice available these days, the biggest dilemma is choosing where to play.

How to choose the right online poker site for you

Given that poker has now become such a popular and entertaining pastime, increasingly more players are trying out the online gaming options available, while there are now many sites and gambling operators to choose from. However, no two sites are the same and each can bring something different to the digital table, whether it’s a broader selection of poker gaming variants or streaming live dealers with authentic humans involved.

According to the Legal US Poker Sites team of experts, who provide in-depth reviews for online poker sites available to available to American players, finding the options to suit our own unique preferences is always good advice. For example, their most recent analysis of BetOnline highlighted pros and cons about the operator, such as offsetting the positives of high traffic and plenty of game choices, against the lack of accepting PayPal and relatively high deposit fees.

Such detailed information is useful for all US poker players, especially when deciding which sites to trust and which to avoid. But getting to know all the most important details beforehand, that’s always much better than finding out we don’t like a site, once we are already invested and having deposited cash. Some gaming sites are also more generous with bonuses and welcome deals, and checking those can help shape our online poker choices.

Another factor worth considering is whether the site offers poker variants we prefer, such as Omaha or Texas Hold’em and others. Essentially, we all wish to be challenged and entertained, therefore playing the games we prefer is far more engaging. This means that to conclude, getting reliable and honest reviews is the best way forward, before selecting which poker sites will provide us with the most fun overall.