The cars of this era are becoming smarter and are more connected with smart features, but the real danger comes from hacker and not from accidents.

Though dangers from hackers are rare as of now, but it is true and it is happening. Even though we are yet not in the “stop you engine” world, but breaking into a car with keyless entry has become easier and stealing follows without the knowledge of owners.

It is here to remember taking over a car’s functions while driving needs expert skills. As of now such threats are largely theoretical even though being certainly possible.

It has not yet been seen cars got attacked, controlled or shut down by attackers. There is also no point fearing cars will be disabled while driving.

However, University of California experts argues real threats must have some motive to disable the brakes of moving cars. Terrorist attacks, specific targets or attacks against high-value must be the motives behind hacking attempts of future cars. As of now the theft of GPS data to track movements or patterns of celebrities, politicians or corporate rivals could be the reason for hacks.

More to all these, parents can keep a track of wayward teens, the hacks can be used to help in an accident and passengers may get other in-car assistance services too from remote location.

So, let’s think the risk is worth.