Clash of Clans(COC Chat): Global Chat’s Future

COC Chat

As the 9th anniversary of our Cash of clans (COC) is on the horizon, everyone is excited about the surprise they can expect from the developers. Very important discussions are going on among the player base as well as among the developers. Within that discussion, there are questions regarding the world chat feature. With questions, rumors are spreading as some players are thinking developers might give us a surprise that the anniversary will bring. Now we will be discussing the reasons for world chat’s removal and what the future holds for players and world chat.

Global chat

Mostly all multiplayer games consist of a feature that allows one player to contact or message worldwide and people can see it and interact with that message. COC, Clash of Clans also had this feature. It allowed players to connect with each other on a world scale. It allowed one to find a clan on the world stage and you just needed to do little scouting by leaving a text in world chat. It has soo many positives as it allowed people in one community to interact with each other and let someone find their favorite clan. 

There have been 2 years since its removal and players have not backed down on the proposal of bringing back world chat. Players have the right to demand a feature that made things easy for everyone and made a connection between players around the world. 


In September 2019, the coc chat feature was removed from the game. Now a question comes to one’s mind, why remove a feature that is loved by the community and makes things easy for everyone? The developers, supercell, also said coc chat is a great way to recruit players from one place of the world to other and connect players. They never wanted to remove it. 

They had to remove it because of reported incidents that occurred in coc chat. These incidents were inappropriate and offensive. As coc chat allowed players to connect but not all players have the best interest in their mind. Many Anti-social activities took place. Kids and teenagers were getting targeted by a paedophile. These reports lead to the removal of the coc chat. 

It’s Future

We have news for the fans about the return of the Global chat feature and the answer is a sad No. It will not make its comeback in the game any time soon. As developers cannot take the risk of letting bad people ruin the life of small kids. Even if they bring Global chat back they have to manage every single thing which is nearly impossible. 

Though developers have brought a more filtered form of recruitment system it is not as famous as coc chat. If you are having a hard time with the current recruitment system you can always join different social media communities related to the clash of clans. Try joining the Reddit community of Clash of the clan. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- How to clear coc chat?

Ans. Few steps on how to clear chat in Coc:

  • First, you go to the play store and install a clipboard app. 
  • Open that application.
  • Text anything you want and now write enter 30-40 times. 
  • Take that text and copy it.
  • Now open the application of clash of clan
  • Go to the chat option and now paste the text that you have copied and send the message
  • You have to repeat this 6 times and all your chat will be removed. 

Q-Why did coc remove coc chat?

Ans. Global chat was removed because of the safety concern for children playing the game. As Global chat allowed players to interact with each other, many Anti-social elements were trying to use it for their bad deeds. Developers had to remove it. 


Clash of clans is a multiplayer game that allows people from different places to play together or against. One of those features comes was in the favour of connecting everyone on the world stage, Global chat. Coc chat allowed players to recruit players from one place to another but it was removed as many controversial things were happening and because of the safety of children they had to remove it. It is not coming back any time soon but there is a system in place but it is not popular among the fan base. 

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