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This is a website about a special puppet show called “Welcome Home Puppet Show.” It has interesting puppets, exciting stories, and colorful backgrounds. Many people liked watching it on Saturday mornings. It’s a show that everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy!

The only thing made by The Playfellow Workshop was a kids’ TV show called Welcome Home. People say the first episode might have been shown on October 11, 1969, on a station we don’t know. The show probably continued until 1974.

The main focus of the show “Welcome Home Puppet Show” was the people who lived there. In between the story, there were fun ads and parts of illustrated storybooks. The story happened in a colorful, cartoony city called “Home,” with a store and a post office and the creatures that lived there were also colorful and lively.

Every episode would start with Wally talking about what they were going to do that day. Then the other characters would join in on the fun until the day was over and the show ended.

There were characters like Eddie Dear, who did art and crafts, Sally Starlet, who acted in plays, and Wally Darling, who painted a picture with help from the other characters. They all had special parts that happened again and again in the show.

The people watching the show were like another friend in the neighbourhood. Wally talked to the viewers a lot.

More looking into it shows that “Welcome Home Puppet Show” was on TV for four years before suddenly stopping in 1974. The group that made it, The Playfellow Workshop, stopped doing anything.

The way the puppets looked, the stories they told, and the characters in the show made it seem like people would always like watching it, just like other TV shows.

But it looks like all the things they used to tell people about the show, like ads, records, and books, have been taken away or broken.

But now, we really want to know where it is.

Welcome Home Puppet Show Website

The website for the Welcome Home Puppet Show is

There’s a secret group called the Welcome Home Restoration Project. They want to gather up, fix, and save what’s left of the show. Everyone working together will help make this old stuff come back to life.

The WHRP wants to make a friendly group of people who care, kind of like the nice neighbors in a dream house.

The small team at WHRP all agree to stay secret because it keeps us safe. But we really want to put all our attention on bringing back Welcome Home. It’s the most important thing on our website.

Sometimes when we open a letter, the paper inside is messy and has paint or ink on it. But lots of people who want to help have fixed the papers so we can still understand what’s written.

If you look here, you can see an example of what we do. We take a paper and change it into a computer file so we can use the important information.

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