Eaglecraft Minecraft: What is it? - Tech Preview

Eaglecraft Minecraft is like the real Minecraft version 1.5.2, and you can play it on a normal web browser at This even works on school Chromebooks. You can also connect to real Minecraft 1.5.2 servers using it, thanks to a special tool called Bungeecord.

Important: We’re making a change. Before, Eaglecraft was a separate way to play Minecraft for free in a browser. Now, we’re turning Eaglecraft into something that works with other Minecraft servers. Players who register with their actual online Minecraft accounts can use Eaglecraft to play on these servers.

Server owners can still choose to let players log in for free by changing a setting. But if they do that, any problems are their responsibility, not ours.

Demo Eaglecraft Website:

To save the game on your computer:

If you have any questions, you can chat with us on our Discord server:

Playing Alone

Eaglecraft now lets you play alone:

Just click the ‘Play Alone’ button on the main menu, and you can make a regular Minecraft world and play whenever you want.

The worlds are saved in your web browser’s storage. You can save them as special files and use them on other Eaglecraft sites that also let you play alone.

You can even take a saved world to a different computer or share it with a friend. Then you can use it there and keep playing from where you left off.

LAN Worlds

Eaglecraft lets you play with friends:

You can share your world with others, and they can join it directly like it’s a special server on the internet. This works between any two devices connected to the internet, not just ones on the same Wi-Fi.

To let friends join your world, pause the game and choose ‘Open to LAN’. You can choose the game style and use cheats. You can also decide if you want to keep your world private. If you don’t hide it, anyone on your Wi-Fi can see it in the Multiplayer menu.

If you want to keep your world secret, like when you’re at school, you can hide it. This way, not everyone in your class can join and maybe mess things up.

When you open your world for others to join, you’ll get a special code. Just share this code with your friends. They can go to the Multiplayer menu and choose ‘Direct Connect’, then enter the code. They’ll be able to enter your world and play with you.

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