With so much concern about the harmful effects of chemical based pesticides, many are turning to natural pest control options. These organic pesticide options are just as effective as chemical based solutions and are often cheaper as well.

Understanding How Pesticides Work

Pesticides are defined as any chemical or non-chemical substance that is designed to kill pests in the home and garden. Pests can include any living thing that is undesirable such as insects, rats, weeds, fungus, bacteria and mold.

This means that many products that consumers do not usually think of as pesticides are actually considered a pesticide. When one adds up all of the substances used to treat the pests listed, it is obvious that pesticide use is pervasive in American society.

How Organic Pesticide Differs from Chemical Pesticide

Natural pest control options use natural materials, or byproducts of natural materials, that have been shown to kill pests. One benefit of organic pesticides is that they are almost always safe to use around edible fruit and vegetables.

Separate organic pesticides must be used to treat different pest problems since no one option is effective as a broad based pest killer. Although not as effective as chemical pesticide options when they are first applied, if used consistently over time, the organic pesticide provide effective results.

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