'Little People, Big World' Hinted at a

Did someone in ‘Little People, Big World‘ pass away? Find out about a sad event in the family and why fans are worried about the Roloffs.

People who have been watching ‘Little People, Big World’ since 2006 have seen Amy and Matt’s four kids grow up on TV. So, if something bad happened to a Roloff family member, it would be upsetting for the show’s fans. However, did someone die on ‘Little People, Big World’? Let us explore an online rumour that’s making viewers anxious.

Did someone in ‘Little People, Big World’ pass away

First of all, no, none of the Roloffs have died. So fans of the show can be relieved that Matt Chris, and Caryn, Tori and Zach, Audrey and Jeremy, Isabel and Jacob, and Joel and Molly are all okay.

A tricky Facebook ad talked about a “sudden loss” on ‘Little People, Big World’

In early 2022, fans of LPBW might have seen a Facebook ad that said: “The Unexpected Sad News in ‘Little People, Big World.” However, according to Snopes, this ad led to a long article that talked about the history of the Roloff family and did not have any new deaths or shocking news as it claimed.

Important Articles

A barn at Roloff Farms had a fire, and they talked about it on ‘LPBW’

On January 5, 2022, Matt shared on Instagram that a barn where they keep chickens at Roloff Farms had a fire.

He said, “Yesterday, our old sweet building, which is 110 years old, almost caught fire. Thanks to my friend Ty, who always makes sure we have lots of updated fire extinguishers at @rolofffarms, and our farmhand Jason acted fast, so we saved the barn.”

Matt explained that around 10 in the morning, he heard a noise and saw smoke coming out of the chicken barn. The fire was 6 feet high and was spreading along one of the inside walls. Luckily, the chickens had already gone out for the day a few hours earlier.

“With the help of everyone on the farm and the fast help from our local fire department, we kept the barn safe,” Matt said. “There is only a bit of damage inside. The fire started when a light fell to the ground, probably when the chickens hurried to get out through their automatic door in the morning. Thankfully, none of the chickens got hurt.”

Mother of Amy Roloff died in 2019

Amy Roloff’s mom passed away in 2019, just two weeks after Chris and Amy got engaged. Amy shared this on Instagram in October 2019, saying, “The past two weeks have been a mix of emotions. I was overjoyed when Chris asked me to marry him, but then I got really sad because a few days later, my dad told me my mom was in the hospital.

A day after that, my sister told me that mom had passed away on the 24th. My heart was broken, and I felt a lot of sadness. I did not know how to deal with all these feelings.”

Dog of Amy died in late 2021

Amy’s pet dog, Felix, got sick and passed away in late 2021. She said on ‘Little People, Big World,’ “He is just over five years old. We thought we would have more time with him.” Amy also shared the sad news and paid tribute to Felix on Instagram.

Tori Roloff had a pregnancy loss in March 2021

In March 2021, Tori Roloff had a miscarriage, which means she lost a baby that she and Zach were going to have. However, later, they got pregnant again and had their third child, a son named Josiah, on April 30, 2022.

Even though the Roloff family went through tough times, everyone on the show is alive and doing okay now.

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