Jake Paul gets in trouble after fighting Nate Diaz: Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz - Tech Preview

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz: Even though Jake Paul won his special weight-class boxing match against Nate Diaz, both fighters were stopped from competing again.

On August 5th in Dallas, Texas, Jake Paul, who used to be a YouTuber but now is a pro boxer, won against Nate Diaz, who was a strong opponent.

They fought for ten rounds, and the judges all agreed that Paul was the winner (98-91, 97-92, 98-91).

Even though Paul won the special weight match against Diaz, both fighters were told they couldn’t compete again for a while. More about Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul:

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Both Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz got the same break time

Because of health reasons, both Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul had to take a break for 31 days after their boxing match. Even though they didn’t share all the details about their injuries, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation had to make them rest like usual.

After the fight, neither Paul nor Diaz were in really bad shape. But Diaz got hurt noticeably, especially in his face, because Paul hit him hard.

Even though it happens often in sports that need a lot of physical effort, both Paul and Diaz can’t do professional boxing until 31 days pass.

Many boxers get told to rest after boxing matches

Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul aren’t the only ones. There were more boxers who got told to rest, and some had to rest even more because of secret health reasons. Here’s a list of all the people who got time off after the matches.

Here’s how long each person has to rest:

  • Jake Paul: Rest for 31 days
    Nate Diaz: Rest for 31 days
  • Chris Avila: Rest for 19 days
    Jeremy Stephens: Rest for 19 days
  • Ashton Sylve: Rest for 13 days
    William Silva: Rest for 61 days
  • Amanda Serrano: Rest for 31 days
    Heather Hardy: Rest for 46 days
  • Shadasia Green: Rest for 31 days
    Olivia Curry: Rest for 31 days
  • Alan Sanchez: Rest for 31 days
    Angel Beltran: Rest for 31 days
  • Kevin Newman II: Rest for 25 days
    Quilisto Madera: Rest for 46 days
  • Luciano Ramos: Rest for 13 days
    Cee Jay Hamilton: Rest for 13 days.
  • Jose Aguayo: Rest for 13 days
    Noel Cavazos: Rest for 31 days

What’s Jake Paul going to do next

Since he won against Paul vs Diaz was invited to have another fight with Diaz, but this time in a different sport called MMA. They offered him $10 million to do this because Diaz is really skilled in MMA and has been training for it for a long time.

The fight doesn’t have a specific date or time yet, but Paul talked about it after the fight. He said in an interview, “I want $10 million PFL; that’s the offer. Let’s have another fight in MMA to make it fair. I won one in boxing; now you have a chance in your own sport, MMA; let’s do it.” Diaz replied and agreed, saying, “Yes, let’s do it.”

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