The February 5 is right here when you might have been waiting for the Super Bowl LI, but what if you don’t have a cable connection. Here is one of the best suggestions how to watch it free without a cable cord and over the air (OTA).

OTA (over the air) is one of the best options to enjoy the Super Bowl LI without a pricey cable subscription. You simply need an antenna for it and range of it is available in the market that comes in different smart designs. It is not like the earlier days temperamental “rabbit ears” type. It ranges from paper-thin flat models like that of a Mohu Leaf and look more like a cable modem. You can watch crystal clear true HD resolution Super Bowl Li match for absolutely free. Simply plug the antenna into the TV’s tuner.

An indoor antenna starts from a price tag of just $13 with a reception range of 25 miles. If you are looking for a longer range, you need to pay probably more. Before you make a purchase one it is suggested to check websites like TVFool or Antennaweb to find out the reception quality in your location. If the local broadcasters are far away from your address, you need to buy longer-range antenna.

If your place is too far from a transmitter, you may only be able to receive some of the networks. Hence, it is suggested to opt for a combination of streaming options like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirectTV Now.

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