Is Meghann Fahy dating 'The White Lotus' co-star Leo Woodall

“The White Lotus” show recently wrapped up its second season on HBO. Meghann Fahy, a famous TV star, was Daphne in the series. Daphne goes on a holiday with her rich and not-so-loyal husband, Cameron, played by Theo James. Cameron seems more complex than he really is. Fahy and James have great vibes on screen, making fans wonder about Fahy’s real-life connection.

How did Meghann Fahy become famous?

Meghann Fahy became famous worldwide because of ‘The Bold Type’ comedy drama. This show is a big hit on HBO and played a key role in her popularity.

Who is Meghann Fahy in a relationship with?

Sources say Fahy was dating Billy Magnussen from 2017 to 2020. In January of that year, they were seen together at the Golden Globes after-party, marking their last red carpet appearance. Although many thought they were married, there is no proof of it. They do not follow each other on social media anymore, indicating that their relationship has ended.

Is Meghann Fahy dating Leo Woodall?

There are rumors going around that Meghann Fahy might be dating Leo Woodall, her co-star from “The White Lotus.” They share posts on Instagram, and some playful comments have caught the attention of followers, hinting at a possible romantic connection beyond just friendship.

People May Also Ask

Who does Leo Woodall play in “The White Lotus”?

In “The White Lotus,” Leo Woodall portrays Jack, the British ‘nephew’ of Tom Hollander.

Have Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall confirmed they are dating?

No, neither of them has confirmed that they are dating. However, after filming, they both went on vacation.

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