The Super Over in cricket is a thrilling way to break ties in limited-overs matches. When making any online bet on, you will also have the opportunity to wager on these kinds of occurrences.

2 examples of variations of cricket where this can happen are T20s and ODIs. This ensures that there is always a winner.

Picture the following situation. There are 2 teams that finish a nail-biter of a game with the exact same score. Instead of calling it a draw, they gear up for a Super Over. When this comes, you can make any online bet on the 1xBet platform and see who is going to win.

Just 6 balls

Each team gets to face just 1 over, which equals 6 balls. Here they have to score as many runs as they can. The team with the most runs in their Super Over takes the win. If they somehow still end up tied, the tie-breaker often involves counting who hit the most boundaries during the game. At the website you can wager on Super Overs from your mobile devices too.

This boundary count also includes the Super Over, though the exact rules can vary depending on the tournament. Other important aspect of this moment include:

  • each of the 2 teams choose 3 batsmen;
  • 1 bowler per squad is chosen too;
  • normally, the best players for each role are picked.

At 1xBet you can wager on the best players that perform those roles too. The team that batted last in the main game bats 1st in the Super Over, adding a twist of strategy and psychological play.

Handling the pressure

Super Overs are all about pressure handling. For example, in the heart-stopping 2019 ICC World Cup final, England and New Zealand finished their Super Overs tied. However, England clinched the trophy because they had hit more boundaries throughout the match. This shows just how much every single boundary can count. Visit now the platform 1xBet – your cricket bet can be made today on these legendary finals too.

Teams now even practice for Super Over situations, focusing on picking the right players to handle the immense pressure. The bowler choice is crucial. This is because you’re looking for someone with a proven track record of keeping runs to a minimum, especially at the death of an innings. 2 examples of players that you really want in these kinds of situations are Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga.

Batsmen, on the other hand, are in a different mindset. They’re going all out, taking bigger risks to maximize scoring off each ball. This often leads to a run rate in Super Overs that’s through the roof compared to regular innings. The best place for making your cricket bet is 1xBet, where super overs and other fantastic cricket occurrences can be wagered too.

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