Honey Hunter Genshin Impact Returns!

For those who don’t know, one of the largest wiki databases about miHoYo’s Genshin Impact is called Honey Impact or Honey Hunter genshin Realm. You should be mindful that miHoYo is searching high and low for any informant who may reveal upcoming Genshin Impact honey material. It even lately filed Bilibili for collecting information for 11 significant leakers, and the court hearings are still pending. It also immediately gave Honey Impact a copyright claim.

Notice from miHoYo!

Mihoyo allegedly issued a legal threat and a copyright lawsuit to the website’s host. The creator of Honey Hunter Genshin World, “Honey Online,” just announced a partial closure and shared the substance of the announcement on Twitter.

The message was, “Per the warning, it is not permitted to duplicate, reproduce, alter, reprogram, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise make an infringing copy based on any of the Mihoyo products.”

Owing to the use of genshin leaks on the website, miHoYo also sent the website a cease-and-desist notice. It claimed that portions of Honey Hunter Genshin World’s show’s “private statistics and copyrighted content” are displayed publicly. Additionally, it was noted in the communication that the programmer was showcasing “items that haven’t yet been released.”

The communication concluded with a plea that the hosting company step in and stop the infringement. Additionally, it exhorted the host to discontinue serving the website or to remove the connection to the game’s subdomain.

Honey Impact’s Response!

Although Honey Online stated in the latest tweet that they would be momentarily stopping the service, however, it appears that probably wouldn’t happen because it is now coming back with some modifications. Honey Online announced that it would switch to a DMCA-ignored hosting alternative.

The company also stated that they would be erasing all copyrights connected to Mihoyo along with any watermarked image. Honey Hunter Genshin Impact’s domain still seems to be operational, despite damage to the main website.


According to reports, the current host of Honey Impact is in Amsterdam because DMCA knockouts are unimportant there. It also changed its notice, which no longer specifically names miHoYo or Genshin Impact.

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