YouTube Vlogger Gigi Gorgeous Denied Entry In Dubai Being Transgender

YouTube Vlogger Gigi Gorgeous Denied Entry In Dubai Being Transgender


Is it true transgender are not allowed to enter Dubai? If believed to YouTube sensation Gigi Gorgeous, she was stopped and detained at the airport for about five hours for being a transgender.

In her Instagram post the 24-year-old writes the experience was one of the scariest moments for her as she has never faced such situation being a transgender.

The vlogger documented each and every step of her experience at Dubai airport on social media and gained a massive online following.

She also shared with her followers a photo of her seen embracing a friend to which she captions, “After being detained and held at the Dubai airport for over 5 hours, this was the moment my baby came to rescue me.”

Talking to the media the blonde revealed was stopped at immigration and an officer said she cannot enter the country as being a transgender.

Born as Gregory Lazzarato, the YouTube personality said her passport reflects her transition.

However, the airport authority has a different story to tell. The officers said her passport mentioned Gigi as male and her picture too showed her as a male.

United Arab Emirates has not yet made homosexuality as legal and earlier it was revealed a woman had been punished for being transgender in the country.

Gigi further adds on her Instagram post that it is unimaginable that a person is denied entry just because who he or she is.

She wraps up her post writing, “I am now on my way to somewhere much more accepting. Safe and sound and happy. I love you guys.”